The fact that love Shanghai for 301 treatment is not reliable


I just have the opportunity to do a test, not a long time lasted a month, the overall feeling of love for Shanghai 301 treatment is not reliable, perhaps this is the love of Shanghai technology is still not perfect performance. Here, mainly from the collection, ranking, etc. the spider crawling for nearly a month to record on the overall performance.

? The Google

spider crawlingBecause


A and B A for the site, orientation domain, B 301 processing domain;


love Shanghai included the same amount of time, but my memory of the snapshot from the point of view, even more than the B snapshot A snapshot faster, this is not meant to love Shanghai haven’t started to do a 301 redirect processing for


301 redirect time: August 13, 2011;

is the first time to do this kind of test, pre considered some of the data did not record. However, feedback after B spider crawling in memory is the 301 state, and will in a short period of time after 1-2 seconds, will come from the same IP access records within A (200 state feedback), this should illustrate the sort of spider’s normal


includedThe ?

has 301 redirection is the webmaster friends think is a magic weapon, whether or not the new site for the domain name, with WWW and WWW with URL unified to weight. However, I believe that everything should start from the noble baby, baby is 301 noble official orientation for these two cases suggest webmaster friends, believe this is the webmaster do 301 redirect official basis. However, in the vast Chinese most owners do is love Shanghai optimization, want to get the love of Shanghai ranked, love Shanghai for 301 redirection processing


Because B only >


screenshots, view love Shanghai ranked alternation, there were no rules, even to the late weight B domain name "illusion", I think this is a little bit of love on Shanghai for 301 treatment reliable.

chain: only A chain domain name, but also a lot of effort;

3, ranking

Below are 2 ranked

table is included in the data from the webmaster tools from (since the love of Shanghai had only included the B domain name page, which makes me wonder)

reaction is normal (on the picture as an illustration, 8-27, Google included 3, this proved Google 301 processing time is about 2 weeks to say) ranking can not be verified, because the site has not been Google ranking.

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