Foreign trade website optimization some important details

third, also need to pay attention to the chain appeared many problems in the process of optimization, because the search environment in Google, the construction of the chain of difficulty "

trade website appeal to the owners, but for many webmaster do website also is very difficult, because the search engine intelligent degree of foreign higher, want to do garbage sites, a short time can be obviously very difficult to profit. But it is precisely because the foreign website optimization standard is clear, if the webmaster can according to their standards, the details of the optimization, the effect will be better. Here is a concrete analysis of the optimization details.

second, a clear positioning and keywords website ranking type. Foreign websites need to focus on two points, one is the image ranking, another is the keywords ranking, and users of its search habits in different countries there are differences. For the choice of keywords, not simply by keyword index, or recommended by Google keywords to do, the only reference to the effect, keyword required by Cnzz such statistical tools to analyze the actual search terms, then analyze the actual situation of the product sales website keyword. Still take clothes as an example, you need to add color and gender modifiers, by making the similar love Shanghai long tail keywords, can play a good effect of the ranking.


now there are many webmaster choose to do foreign trade website, a very important reason is that the yuan and the dollar exchange rate spreads still maintain a high level, a lot of foreign websites to take the goods in RMB price, but sold to foreigners is sold at a price of $the same, although for foreigners will still feel cheap, but for domestic webmaster can earn a lot of money exchange rate difference, and some can even reach ten times the profit.

in Germany and the United States, also need to do image ranking optimization, and through the picture optimization ranking play effect is often more than good keywords ranking, only need to set the picture Alt attribute, and then share the product photos in Facebook and Pinterest and other social media software, are often able to attract the attention of many people, and the formation of purchase flow.

first, pay attention to the details of the Meta information and product information. Perhaps many webmaster think Meta is not difficult, is not doing a TDK, as long as the products and information about line. Plus some open-source website system also provides increased volume of TDK, so many owners in order to save time, using batch mode, which leads to the Meta website information is consistent, and more close to the core keywords, which will cause the flow conversion rate decreased, while the web traffic is relatively high, but a lot of people not to buy. If you do a clothing foreign trade website, then segments of men and women in TDK, at the same time also need to increase the color modifier, so that it can be "targeted content, also contribute to the content of the page ranking to improve.

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