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as everyone knows, the need for a Shanghai dragon web site optimization, keyword selection is crucial to good development in the future, many webmasters may also select the keyword for the wrong, make your site optimization for a long time has not seen returns, this time you should go to thinking about your keyword selection if there is a problem. Today we have a grassroots perspective to explain the individual owners of a website and how to select the mining keyword value and potential to write out a high value website title.

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keyword is a very important technology. Keywords good writing can make you gain a lot of other traffic. First, we need to control is the length of the title. We usually choose the title, also is the keyword writing length in 26~28 words, super after in the love of Shanghai is ellipsis. Secondly, at the time of writing to the broad word gradually >




select high-quality keywords is the key to your site can place a quick profit. Due to popular word and hypernym competition, we need to choose a low index range is more appropriate in the tens to two hundred. This kind of word is a kind of valuable word long tail keywords. What is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords is usually a phrase we search or a question. For example: "what the tide", "good brand bags" and so on. This kind of word we call the long tail keywords, we also recommend the novice and the value of the optimization of the word. Why is this? First of all, the long tail of smaller competitors, because of the large website or senior website does not select the long tail as the site of the title, so there will be no great pressure of competitors. Second, the long tail word ranking is usually some web pages, more conducive to their site optimization to the first page good rankings. The tail should be the greatest charm is that in his precise flow, because of the long tail word description for this kind of traffic brings a very high conversion rate. And what we want is not what is income, and the long tail will soon take you into the return.


on a new website, the first thing we need to do is to locate the site. Most as a grassroots webmaster we want is to achieve short-term gains and try to stabilize. Then we first rule keyword selection is: to avoid the popular and wide keyword. The common characteristics of some kinds of words in the index is higher, so the description of a large range, so the search volume is more, it will cause this kind of word is usually the rankings site is usually so few stable sites, these sites are the high weight website accumulation and construction of long time step by step. Accumulated, so for these sites as competitors are basically useless, unless you have the time and rich economic resources or unique technology to optimize your site. So, is our first step to do: avoid pan words and popular words.

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