Zac dialogue love Shanghai search engineer MP can improve the ranking

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform held Hangzhou salon, there is a "content in power, experience is king peak dialogue — on the love of Shanghai MIP". The dialogue in Shanghai dragon one day, "Shanghai dragon combat code" author Zac speech, and senior technical manager Gao Lei’s dialogue and love Shanghai search, really let the webmaster circle some boiling.

can be said that AMP develops very fast, and this may bring noble baby and the income of the website is closely related to Zac and larger, next introduced the related information:


App, now a trend is also in the App page to turn, before the baby is noble to index the APP content, if you have already installed the APP can be adjusted, if not installed can be available for download. But A>

in October last year launched a "noble baby AMP, but no one circle pay much attention to this matter, because it only appears in the news. But the AMP page can achieve seconds to open, very fast, because the page is very small, and stored in the cache in the noble baby. In August this year, the noble baby announced AMP can be applied to the common website, the plug-in also came out, I quickly tried, included soon, in the ranking there. The time until the end of September and early October, also began to appear normal search results, just a few days ago, I randomly search some key words, probably the first few pages have 1/10 results are AMP pages, I did not see all, but the first two pages are AMP, and is the second opening."

, noble baby said AMP is not ranking factors, but the fact that the ranking factors exist, probably because of the speed, because the speed is the ranking factors, thus AMP also affected the rankings, but the advantage is very large, this page user retention rate is very high, click on the proportion of advertising is also very large the upgrade is also very large, transformation. At present, the promotion of AMP is very successful, so many international news giant, e-commerce sites have access."

recently launched MIP (Mobile Instant Shanghai Pages) – Mobile Web accelerator, similar to the international search engine giant baby noble AMP program launched a year ago. Dialogue Zac first introduced the recent development of AMP:

"We have previously used

"I also pay attention to a number of sites using AMP after the return, the Washington Post statistics nobility baby PV with 23% upgrade, there are some new website users increased by 20%, there are some websites users visit again to enhance the rate of 60%, that is not 5%, 8%, 10%, 20%, 40%, 60% are ascending, the efficiency is very large, including its noble baby also improved 60% CTR."

in addition, Zac predicted the development trend of the next few search engines:


In October 27th

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