The search page revision of mad men Google to do what

when the changqiangduanbao technology of the media on the novel thing on MWC, Google’s biggest revision of the news of the search advertising, easily dispersed in a happy atmosphere. Well, Google changed the desktop version of the search interface layout, the right advertising was canceled in favor of the search results is displayed at the bottom of 4 ads, display 3 ads — in other words, the user can only be a lower advertising page position, see yourself looking for information. Google also said that this adjustment will be completed in the global scope, and will affect all language websites.

this is not a surprise, over the past year, Google has been to optimize the search advertising. In the first month of Alphabet after the earnings release conference call with analysts, analysts to Google executives asked: "where are the Google website’s future growth? Seems more likely to be improving the user experience, increase advertiser return on investment, but not increase the amount of ads." But at least for now, to improve the user experience is still in doubt, advertisers have increased investment may be true.

The revision of the

intuition to know, the right to cancel the advertising, is in order to better adapt to the mobile phone search page width, right after the cancellation of advertising, desktop search and mobile phone terminal interface will be very similar. Of course, the advertising "sticky" approach will undoubtedly make instant pop-up ads more eye-catching, as you can imagine, especially the top 4 advertising, is bound to become an excellent location for advertisers to search a hotly contested spot, DigitasLBi senior vice president of marketing Shilaiya in · kusha said: "because we need to be more active the competition the top 4 advertising, so the cost per click will rise."

certainly, for those advertisers and advertising companies who are not bad money, Google’s revision is good news, after all the advertising information in the first time to greet. But for sure, when this has a long history of advertising media has not yet fully evolved into "useful information" before, Google’s move to the user is not friendly, after all the sudden advertising will destroy the search experience – you know, especially including the title text, Web links and other description 4 top advertising, will occupy a lot of space on the screen. I see, even some Chinese micro-blog Google fans for revision and >

Google also said that the right to cancel advertising for commercial demand considerations, they will also continue to improve the layout, in providing accurate search results at the same time takes care of advertising business interests for users. In fact, according to media reports, although the AdWords sidebar ads are removed, but also for the Google catalog advertising (Product Listing Ads) set aside more space, Google will also request such as car insurance and hotel search the top of the page to add additional fourth ads in some commercial high value search.

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