The two level domain effect on the two level domain optimization techniques

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two level domain optimization

fell in love with the sea search keywords, careful people can be found, many in front of the row is two level domain name, this shows that the two level domain optimization easily than top-level domain, and can have the advantage of a step home to others.

in the two level domain optimization, must first according to their own situation to correct for the title and description of the two domain names, so it would be handy after optimization. Of course, write the title and description must be defined according to the key words. It is of little significance.

selection is the most important, because the client on the network all is through the keywords to find the site, but some key competitiveness is very large, so we should find some common customer search but less competitive word to optimize, so you can first increase the degree of search, and when the search engine friendly enough, the optimization of the optimization of the word competition is relatively easy. Of course, the choice of keywords to meet two basic principles: one is from the customer perspective, one is related to oneself.

station optimization to heart



content of construction should be careful

two level domain name, also known as the inside pages of the site. These two domains are not the key to Shanghai dragon, so many people will prefer only optimization of top-level domain, and then the two level domain name in trinidad. This habit is very bad, the two level domain has its unique advantages, as long as can optimize up on site traffic is absolutely can have a qualitative leap. In fact, many of us in the optimization of the website are often only thought on the website of the top-level domain is optimized, and the optimization of sub domain is let the station silent, in fact sub domain operations well can also help the site get more traffic.

in addition, owners also need the main navigation and products on the website of the basic settings, the two navigation is the search engine spiders crawl over the key link, is also the focus of spiders crawl.

if the scanty two level domain name our content or content is inferior, it will cause poor user experience, let users don’t care about your site after. Therefore, the two level domain also need to build a good website content. In fact, the two level domain and top-level domain content construction requirements are also similar, here is not too much to explain or emphasize. And now want to say is that the two level domain name must also require detailed content.

many people think that the two level domain optimization does not optimize the top-level domain so much work, only need to send the chain, which can be said to be a misunderstanding. No matter what your site is the top-level domain name or two domain names, the distribution of the page must have the corresponding content, it can be said that the two level domain name and top-level domain station optimization method is no difference between what is the key to it.

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