Shanghai dragon Er need to strengthen the internal practice

moves to look that can only be called a flower shelf, only have the deep internal strength can be called master. Martial arts is such, we do Shanghai dragon and vice versa is similarly. Here I said Lianhaoneigong to Shanghai dragon is good website to do everything within the site. The main focus on the construction of the website content and user experience, don’t put too much effort on to the ranking to manufacturing chain. Shanghai eusci dragon is about how well the website internal work and benefits.

a website is like a store. In the face of a grocery store and a supermarket, I believe that most people will choose to go to the supermarket shopping. Why? Because the supermarket goods display and display are very good, people can find their own needs in the first time. This is the convenience of

!Need to pay attention to what

is a website.

also, if a site, even if users need you inside information, but the layout of the page navigation settings are not clear and clear, once the user enters your website, click on the 2 under 3 do not know where, I believe that the website user loyalty is not high to go there. Because the structure of your site so that it is difficult for users to browse to the content you want to see in a short time.

is the leading Internet users, only because they exist only with the development of search engine, we now have the so-called search engine optimization work and industry. So everything will start to users, to meet all their needs and experience is king, not only in the search engine, we Shanghai dragon er they try to do.

wrote information? The first thing to note the title of the writing. A good article title key success accounted for a large component. When considering and writing of the title of the article once after being included in the search engine users will use the phrase to find how such information. If you can’t find your article, it will lose the meaning of this article, here I said is very simple, but also on everyone to know.

: the first to provide quality information for users of

So !

second: for the user to create a good experience

a good article not only to win the customers, and if the search engine included, there will be more users to see, and also may be reproduced and spread, so, cause of the situation is that you only need to write a good article, the dissemination and promotion of things is indirect the user is doing such a situation! Don’t you want to let him appear? I also believe, as long as you can spare no effort to provide users with high-quality information, you believe in is approved by users at the same time, the search engine will favor you

based to provide quality information to ensure the user must strengthen the website structure and some other functional experience. The only way to let users really recognized love on your site.

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