The high quality of the chain is the most powerful guarantee to improve the ranking

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wants to get a better web site keywords ranking requires a large number of high quality chain, our common chain platform main forum, classified information network, inquiry platform, submitted to the soft and so on, believe a few outside the chain platform which is often used by the webmaster, every day we will go to the platform to release some of the chain, but as for the quality of the chain depends on how everyone is how to use these platforms, now love Shanghai search engine more and more attention to the quality of the chain, the chain of garbage is not escape love Shanghai search engine of fayan, a chain of garbage accumulation will also tend to site is down right, then we should be where to find the site some high quality of the chain to improve website rankings! Here to talk about my views.

forum, the forum outside the chain is common in the back with our signature. We believe that the love of the forum, the chain form is the forum who can add anchor text links, anchor link is the most effective way to improve the site keywords ranking, the forum outside the chain is easy to make, basically is to find a copy in the article, and the request is very low, as long as there is no violation of the provisions of not bad things are generally not be deleted, it is because the forum to do outside the chain is very simple, one hour can send more than 50 outside the chain, resulting in the number of the chain forum to pursue many friends have a taste and ignore the quality of the chain, which is a common problem in many webmasters today, all from the forum site outside the chain, and the chain pages are some very old What has been reprinted many times, so the chain is not only the high quality of the chain, is often caused by a K or drop right, since many forums provide us with a good way to do outside the chain, we should make good use of the platform to do some outside the chain of high quality that leaves a high weight of the external links to the site.

platform is the webmaster preference chain platform, general inquiry platform has characteristics of high weight high traffic, after the link added is not only a high quality of the chain, also can bring a lot of traffic through the link to the site, can be said to be one of the most double arrow. To attract the eye of love Shanghai know, want to know how many people had tried every day on the platform, you want to leave your site links at the top, but the reality is cruel, and now want to add links to your site in Shanghai know that love is almost impossible, but in addition to love Shanghai civilization, know and Search ask YAHOO answers the question and answer, and so on a series of platform to send links, intentional webmaster may wish to try, will achieve good results.

forum, classified information in the online side chain often original higher, the quality of the chain is guaranteed, but the success rate is low, webmasters need to constantly try to explore some easy connect with the website and the corresponding module.

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