To the point of human thinking and love Shanghai included snapshot update rules

combined with my own experience, summarized as follows:

operation of Shanghai Dragon School, the Shanghai dragon blog, there have been 2 weeks time, I look at love in Shanghai included, or currently only included 2 pages, the snapshot still love Shanghai in August 21, No. 23.

3.1 content is king, the original team is greater than the original, large website and personal website is not in a level number.

3, love Shanghai algorithm strictly, may bring great confusion for the novice webmaster, 1, why the website only included? 2, why love Shanghai website snapshot not update or update, the update frequency is not timely, slow? These problems, I think each stationmaster friend will face this the problem and the reason: I think, we must first think, why like NetEase, Tencent and so on station, update fast and timely? Because these stations, the original articles updated daily, and the most important is the chain (high weight strong correlation), which led directly to the spider, access to other the site at the same time, you can also get to the station, if there are 10 thousand chain, 100 thousand chain, 100 chain, which is equivalent to the spider every day through these sites, visit your site tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of times, so You can not understand the love of Shanghai station snapshots, and timely and fast reason. Specific summarized as follows:

chain 3.3, each of the articles in the website, reasonable Shanghai Longfeng, for the same type of the site, the establishment of reasonable inside chain, to ensure that the site of different articles, through the description text links, links, guided reading, looking for better and faster.

3.2 Shanghai dragon of content optimization, set up reasonable keywords and long tail keywords, can greatly benefit your search engine and user keywords and long tail keywords import traffic.

2, the current situation is, love Shanghai as the number one search engine, occupy more than 50% of the search market, after 20 years of development, search algorithms are now love Shanghai more intelligent, more precise, more and more tend to high quality original valuable articles included, garbage collection pseudo the original living space more and more narrow, only really be able to always adhere to the original webmaster to provide users with high-quality high value of the original article writer, webmaster, to an invincible position, you have only to bring value to the user, access to authorized users, can obtain the search engine’s appreciation and recognition, mutual benefit and win-win ecological system only. In order to continue running, so as not to fall apart.

1, in 2014, the major search engines are gradually to the mobile Internet force, which for the PC end, the small owners, is a huge challenge, but also a new opportunity.

why is this? I’ve been thinking about this problem, see many webmaster online feedback included new sites, some are useful, some only reference.

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