White hat optimization methods become the mainstream again

in the chain, Links, articles, how should do fine differentiation, effectively improve the effect. From the following small experience points, the corresponding comments.

1, understand the purpose of the chain. If you simply think, just do not send information, put on the link on the line. The chain effect of this, is always the worst. Moreover, is the search and the user does not love. In Internet information now purification period, object is being hit. Therefore, in the chain have clear ideas on the transformation.

2, understand the role of Summary:

Links. A Links, will play a role in what people do. Like, what kind of partner. It is, in the industry, weight and so on, there will be differences in the nature of the. Presumably, there will not be any effect. Even that will hurt their own website. Therefore, to fully understand the Links exchange, as well as object.

optimization tends to normal, too far ahead, is vividly not in. Therefore, the optimization of the period, to be too dull. Of course, changes of the searching algorithm. For the optimization, is the need to pay attention to. The trend of real users is better, need to understand and analysis.

white hat optimization is mainly of some commonly used methods, such as the chain, Links, website content updates and so on. Is very common, and somewhat dull characteristics. By the time of accumulation, use and experience method. Thus, called effective optimizing ways. On the other hand, to which the black hat, I’m afraid not, there will be punishment. Therefore, white hat optimization can be called the main road now.

from the optimization method, can be divided into: white hat, black hat. The two way is to optimize the nature, instead of. The former is the use of formal methods, as the practice content. The speed of fast, do some cost content. In the optimization stage, the effect of the latter was deeply loved the website optimization. Link commonly used methods such as the purchase of high quality articles and so on in the news release. Now, the search algorithm has entered a mature stage, began censoring. To combat this black hat methods, and advocate white hat way. In other words, not to be optimistic about the "Cinderella", really want to jump to snow white.

3, how to update the article. This paper, as is the site of the new "blood". The daily injection, will attract the attention of spider. Long to do, make it a habit, the effect will be very good oh. On the way, we need to talk. Is willing to act as a "carrier", or as an editor, or an original, depends on its. What kind of role will be.

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