The interpretation of the application logic of vertical search engine and personalized recommendatio

vertical search engine is to provide the search window website /APP, allows users to search keywords to target content. For example, Taobao search "bag man shoulders", the search results show almost the same with the search words. In the APP class information in the search "Hongkong" will be a lot of news related.

vertical search and personalized recommendation are the characteristics of what? In practical application, the two have to do? The article interpret for you.

vertical search engine

Application of three stage

and above the three, unmanned notorious regret before the official commercial popularization, while the other two are penetrated in all aspects of our lives.

search needless to say, do not ask us to search is the most basic understanding and demands. Personalized recommendation is not because of personal will, because the commodity is recommended or not, what goods are recommended, we have no right to decide.

users in the search box input process in Hongkong may mistakenly input for the "Xiang Gang" and "xiagngang", the search engine needs to do is to search the word semantic analysis to identify the user search intent for automatic error correction, is to understand what users want, and strive to achieve "the user can be wrong, not wrong". At the same time, the search box appears at the bottom of the word "Xianggang" and a series of related tips, such as the "Hongkong 20th anniversary party", "Hongkong 20th anniversary parade" and "Hongkong"

most people may have noble baby or love Shanghai first reaction to the search engine, because we used active query some content in love Shanghai, and the other side also reached almost responsive ability. And this is not for us today is about vertical search engine.


stage: search word input stage is the expression of the will of the needs of stage


to search for "Hongkong" as an example to illustrate the three stages of vertical search engine.

is on the vertical search engine and personalized recommendation, it is not open around the AI. AI is well known, although the origin AlphaGo loudly in the chess world war fame, but the popular commercial application of artificial intelligence is unmanned, love Shanghai and noble baby search engines that make headlines today, build up the family fortunes personalized recommendation etc..

today is the application logic of personalized vertical search engine search that you want "and" thinking of you "recommendation engine.

if a little attention and thinking people may want to search "Hongkong" out of the results will be? This is the search engine and the key. A word that you can get the satisfaction of search engine is excellent and not a standard. In my opinion, including the three stage search: search word input stage, search results show stage, adjustment stage custom search results.

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