Website optimization long tail keywords skills


analysis of Web site statistics, statistical data now can see the search engine keyword, antecedents, and flow. You will find some unexpected words but to bring good traffic. For example, the "Shanghai love game", this keyword brings to me every day about 100 of the traffic, or Yahoo. Just do something, I came to the YAHOO second. If the love can also come to Shanghai, at least 100 2-3 to believe. This keyword is still a lot of digging.


love Shanghai. You search for a word, love will give you a list of Shanghai. For example, you search Shanghai Longfeng, will get the relevant search? Shanghai Longfeng education, Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai dragon information dissemination. You can see the top 100 in the search for more, this is basically popular ranking row. You can find some popular, and not what the word of the competition. You can go to check his love inside the Shanghai index that his lively.

popular keywords. A popular key word even row to page second page third, bring the flow is also considerable. Such as "red", from Shanghai to the third page love behind the considerable ball red wine every day can still Laiyiliangbai about IP. While the ordinary words even in the first day also can bring you a few IP.

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how to tap the so-called blue ocean is of course some keywords? We all think, including you and me. Everyone knows that will become the red sea. So how are we going to find the keyword

enterprise website optimization how to dig the long tail keywords? Do website promotion and website search engine optimization of Shanghai dragon ER understand the word choice is very important, this is a very important part of Shanghai dragon. Select the keyword to make the first step of website promotion and search engine ranking. What are we supposed to do? Shanghai Longfeng information dissemination network Pan Chenwei think we should start from the following aspects:

popular keywords, of course, is relatively unpopular, some of the words a few days it was not called keyword search. It should be called "shengpizi". An advantage is easy to search engine to the front, not what the competition. Disadvantage is that the flow of small, but this can be solved by increasing the amount of. For example, if each novel novel station, you can go to the front row (one or two pages), then each will give you 1-50 IP, if your site has 100 thousand stories, 1/10 can be routed to the front. Then you can the level of traffic on the one hundred thousand. This is the so-called "long tail". Suitable for mass data website.

do not you are competitive keywords blue ocean king, out of the Red Sea, blue ocean keyword. A lot of keyword search, but there is no competition. The advantage is that before the 2 and, again good flow and. Of course, the key to you to dig, to capture.

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