The novice webmaster misunderstanding of pseudo original

recently found that most novice webmaster have great misunderstanding and understanding of pseudo original. The original content of a website is search engine on the site quality evaluation standard. I think we all know. A website original content on the site itself is very important. Of course, an original article is the need to spend a lot of time and experience to complete the. Can not casually on the line. So what is the pseudo original? In fact, very simple, is a pseudo original article, minor changes to do processing again. Then let the search engine think this is an original article. To increase website updates. Can also increase the chain site and included. And increase the weight of the website. This is the pseudo original.

repeat from memory consolidation


1. direct copy or copy.

2. a collection of articles in reverse order after release.

some webmaster, his collection of articles scattered, reversed the paragraphs in order and then posted to their website. But you have not considered. You send these articles in the end is not the real pseudo original. In the end there is no readability. The default search engine this is an original article? If you don’t know, then I can tell you now, that upside down paragraphs after the release of the article, what is not readable. But for their site itself does not have what overflow. This article is of no value. And the search engines will not think this is the original article. This method is not recommended.

now have a lot of people, and in other website or forum to see some good articles directly copied or copied and then publish directly to their website. This method is not feasible. Because this article is not readable. The search engine can not think this is the original article. So the quality of the site is not get a promotion. So this method is not recommended.

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in oneself want to write what articles later. You can go to the major forum and blog or website. Look at some related articles. Look at the writing is to write what content, tidy. On their own memory. To repeat a. This article basically is to repeat your own original article. Because of the time and the manager and the original article this article about consumption. This method is feasible. This ensures that the >

as the search engine more and more human. On a website evaluation standard is more and more high. But now many of the owners are not aware of this point of presence. A web user experience on the site’s ranking has a very important effect. Whether the browsing page operation record. Or visit the web site in depth. Or stay record. These have become the one of a website weight and quality evaluation standard of user-friendly search engine. So what is the pseudo original

What are the pseudo original

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