The reasons and solutions of website drop right

When you have a

2, the release of the chain site is down right? This question is obvious, if the chain site is down right, then we send out a chain is also very easy to fall right. The author of the "Shanghai dragon Er outside the chain should pay attention to important matters" is a detailed account of the chain operation method.

4, the release of the

website, the emergence of such a situation, ranking from forty to eighty, ranking after suddenly no ranking? During the day at night without ranking ranking. This is what will appear? The love Shanghai why are right down to the website, actually any action search engine is a standard of judgment, put this standard into numerical comparison, high standing in the front row at the back lower score score.

for example website malicious stack keywords, copy the contents of a large number of, no value content to the user, or the purchase of a large number of links to.

: right down to form a small decline and decline.

account is banned. Your account has been blocked, will lead to a large number of the chain lost, so a published account of some articles, appropriate adjustments to account, or when your site is down right only to find yourself a published account of the number of the chain.


is mainly the analysis of grab spider love Shanghai, but also to observe there is no imitation crawling spiders love Shanghai, there is no rival malicious click.

server log analysis

1, first of all to think about what has recently undergone operation, this is a way to find the right down to one of the fastest.

Links situation. Collect, check Links snapshot, PR and some other conditions.

site outside the chain growth rate too fast? Because the chain is an orderly process, especially for new sites, should pay more attention to this point.

drop right processing scheme of

may be some competitors rankings do not come up with some black hat means to our site horse, put some junk connection. To analysis whether the chain is illegal operation, is of value to the users of the link.

down the right site operation ideas:

3, check the

2, external factors

1, analysis of

is a small decline in mean, fallen from third to fourth, or fallen from seventh to eighth, this form only needs fine-tuning of the website can be. While reducing the power is serious, such as love Shanghai website thirty thousand pages, suddenly turned into a page, this is greatly reduced, in addition to this form on the website of the fine-tuning, but also consider the external website optimization needs to be adjusted.

5, released by the post was deleted. The chain was removed at the same time, their website.

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