The status quo of China’s online advertising marketAnalysis of the value of nternet users

China’s major online media market share of Internet marketing

China primary network media accumulated income accounted for the entire network marketing market share of nearly 60%; it is worth noting that sh419 PPC get extraordinary development in 2006, the network marketing revenue faster than Sohu, sina approximation.

search engines, instant messaging and a variety of new Internet services portal is a traditional Internet service and, as the number of users has billions of dollars, to provide a comprehensive portal, including search engines, e-mail and other 50 segments of 16 Internet services.

China network marketing segmentation market size and proportion

according to iResearch’s survey data show that in 2006 Chinese network marketing market segments, Internet advertising accounted for 4 billion 660 million yuan, accounting for 1 billion 350 million yuan China search engine; network marketing market segments are to maintain rapid growth.

chart 1-32006 years China network marketing market segmentation advertising type proportion

With the popularity and wide application of the Internet,

from the "investigation report" INTERNET GUIDE 2007 China Internet data, the total size of 2006 Chinese Internet users personal Internet consumer market of about 276 billion 746 million yuan, 187 billion 653 million yuan year-on-year increase of 47% compared to 2005. Including online, shopping, playing games and other online spending, including the per capita monthly Internet consumption level of 169.57 yuan / month, compared with 157.8 yuan in 2005, an increase of 7.46%. The word "Internet users" is becoming the mainstream vocabulary of the times, and its influence on the market and society is constantly increasing. They have received unprecedented attention, the Internet increasingly rich variety of applications, no, not around the user’s feelings and experience to start.

now, netizens demand is no longer a single e-mail and browsing information, but to more diversified applications, autonomy and more interactive, such as personalized news, online forums, personal space, instant messaging, online games and other Internet products and services. These growth figures and emerging business are unmistakable message: the growing number of Internet users and Internet users increasingly mature consumer groups, forming a huge consumer market, have a strong consumer force and active market trading, brings tremendous value and growth space for the entire row industry. Because of this, users in-depth analysis of the composition and consumption habits, the trend has become the real value of understanding of Internet users and Internet users as consumers double identity, but also the platform of enterprise Internet marketing was an important research object of innovative ideas and basis.

Figure 1-1 2001-2010 years of China’s network marketing market size

China’s network marketing market situation

iResearch of marketing research data China network show, 2006 Chinese network marketing market scale of 6 billion 10 million yuan, of which, the brand of graphic advertising accounted for the entire network marketing market accounted for 49.6%, followed by PPC advertising, Internet marketing accounted for 22.5% of the market, fixed text link advertising accounted for 7.8%, accounted for 5.8% of the classified ads, rich media ads email marketing accounted for 4.2%, accounted for 2.8%.

has become more and more important, and the Internet has become an indispensable tool and media for more and more people’s life. This leads to the diversity and complexity of users, making the value of the Internet for users and the enormous value that users bring to the Internet industry becoming more and more difficult to clarify.

user opportunities: rapid growth of user groups, Internet applications increasingly diverse

iResearch research forecasts, 2007 China network marketing market scale will reach 8 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 38% over 2006; China network marketing market will continue to maintain rapid development, by 2010, China network marketing market size is expected to reach 23 billion.

Figure 1-2 2001-2006 years China network marketing segment market size

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

China online advertising market size

online advertising market in China

Internet mature user group characteristics for men from 18 to 30 years of unmarried users, and more concentrated in East China and South Africa and other developed regions, of which undergraduate and tertiary education users accounted for nearly 2/3. As a new generation of consumers who embrace the Internet media 1976-1994, they show a strong dependence on Internet media, and the network becomes "productive" for them

China network marketing segmentation advertising type proportion

According to

according to iResearch survey data show that in 2006 China’s online marketing market size of 6 billion yuan, 4 billion 170 million yuan higher than in 2005, an increase of 44%.

China Internet marketing market size

figure 1-32006 years of major operators accounted for network marketing market share of

according to iResearch’s survey data show that in 2006 China network marketing market scale of 6 billion 10 million yuan, Sina to 950 million network marketing network marketing Chinese revenue accounted for 15.8%, sh419 to 840 million network marketing revenues accounted for 14%, accounting for 650 million of the Sohu in 10.8%.

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