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has been paying attention to Wangzhuan friends, some of the now booming investment fund has been heard. At present, the domestic fund site, liar character has not changed, and can not be compared with foreign fund investment. Here is talking about foreign fund investment projects.

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in view of the current return on investment, the cost has been recovered, a small profit. For these projects, small investment, small returns, is also a normal column.

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currently, I think the biggest risk for such fund projects is when several websites are hacked. In fact, for investors, the site to maintain stability, not only to maintain stable payment, but also to maintain stability site. Because many people every day on the website to get interest, one day he could not open the website, estimate the mood is not too good.

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I keep a few months on their own investment Wangzhuan, investment for some funds, a recent fund investment. Because the collection is more stable, basically no problem.

I would like to advise friends who want to make such investments, or first understand the rules of the project and website games, and then invest. Now some of the projects, in order to attract investors, has donated $1-2 for some concessions, but small investment impulse can hardly be avoided, but also money, small investment and investment is the same reason, that is the key. This article is a summary of the experience of fund investment for a period of time.


this is a very difficult thing for investors, investors only wait, and other websites a reply. Many people ask, "what are hackers doing against these fund investment sites,

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this is not to say that investors follow the trend of the reality is good or bad judgment, but Chinese people know about investment Wangzhuan is quite superficial, for domestic investment fund in the name of money making, provides fertile soil.

himself analysis, it is estimated that the competition dictates. Some projects in foreign countries is very popular, because of language factors, Chinese investment, few people will see the website investment plan or relevant rules, but on the pioneer of Chinese people, through these pioneers of investment experience, so as to drive others to invest.

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