Cai Wensheng China network in the nternet grassroots legendA beginner ZDDU project experience

in 1991, Cai Wensheng went to Hongkong for the first time. Cai Baozhong taught him to use <


Cai Baozhong said he could make 3000 dollars a month, which made Cai Wensheng know for the first time that he could make so much money. At that time, Cai Wensheng felt that if he could make so much money, his life would be perfect.

in December 15, 2016, Cai Wensheng and Wu Xinhong, co founded in 2008, were listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hongkong. Mito IPO is not only the gateway to Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange ushered in the largest IPO, while Mito has become the largest listed company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange after Tencent. The mobile Internet company, which covers 1 billion 100 million devices, became the first listed company created by Cai Wensheng himself.

in June 20th, Cai Wensheng was reported tax evasion 360 million, he quickly clarified and issued a letter of attorney, the matter has not yet been completely subsided. But Cai Wensheng and his entrepreneurial past once again been concerned about, but this time, more about his grassroots history, those who have been despised and criticized by ordinary people, the deeds become a legend.

had heard that Hongkong ZIDDU Wangzhuan, has no guts to sit, huh, its execution is not strong. The day before yesterday, I finally got down to doing the ZIDDU project. Originally thought very simple, but finally do down really feel a lot ah. Here, write down my experience and share it with you.

inspired money and business people to Cai Wensheng, the scope of the basic in primary school, middle school, neighbors and relatives, Cai Wensheng high school did not graduate, go to society.

second, we can post in the forum. Of course, the forum is the best counterpart. For example, if you upload to ZIDDU is a tutorial on hackers, then you go to the hacker forum. So many people will download. Third, apply for N sh419 space. Then each space, you do a topic, paste your link. We can not underestimate the sh419 space. Your sh419 space is literally writing something, and its access is also very large. It’s much easier than our website. So, you put something on every station, and for a long time, ha ha, you can steal it yourself.

summary, when ZIDDU collection use >


teens walk in large and small, make a living away from home, the ups and downs of the business Cai Wensheng, truly accept money to enlightenment, started the first deal. He could smell the smell of money that his peers did not smell, and never stopped. Money continued to generate money.

secondly, all the resources I uploaded to ZIDDU are legal. Also some of the software and video station. But I have a lot of downloads in 2 days. As for why so big, of course, publicity is good, ha ha, this will tell you about the method. But 2 days later, the download links I released aren’t working. Say: your ZIDDU link is deleted by the user or administrator. I was very depressed. I think this hard publicity thing should not be a penny, do not you?. Login backstage to see, income is still there. Links are still there. I was even more depressed then. Finally, I came to the forum to know that ZIDDU is mandatory. It is estimated that my copyright issue is controversial and is blocked by the administrator.

Mito IPO is not only the gateway to Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange ushered in the largest IPO, while Mito has become the largest listed company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange after Tencent.


poor life can forge a person, stimulate the most unusual place in human nature, ready to take place.

in China’s Internet arena, Cai Wensheng must be a different legend.

first, we build our own website and publish resource documents in our own stations. My blog resource station, for example.

Cai Wensheng in the first grade of primary school met Cai Baozhong, at the age of 7, two sworn brothers, at the age of 9, Cai Baozhong moved to Hongkong. In 1984, Cai Baozhong returned from Hongkong with a 20 dollar pair of trousers to Cai Wensheng, a pair of trousers, 20 dollars, at that time is unthinkable.

finally, I’d like to share with you how to advertise your ZIDDU link. I don’t advise you to cheat. Not bad, it is not like this way. Aside from cheating, we actually have more ways of getting paid. Instead of cheating in the well in a constant state of anxiety, why not do normal flow. Personally feel that everything is so, whether do Wangzhuan or engage in site traffic. Here are some of my own commonly used methods to promote links.

money enlightenment

1970 Cai Wensheng was born in Shishi, a rural family. Parents are no door, the mother is a great lady, 60s will have its own luxury cruise". The father is a poor 31 year old, and there are 8 brothers and sisters at home. From the poor to the old Cai Wensheng, 6 year old began to work together with their parents, rice, 8 year old began selling Deep-Fried Dough Sticks in the street, selling popsicle.

first. When I was looking for resources to upload to ZIDDU, ZIDDU’s resources were not uploaded. What I’m talking about here is just 30M videos, and… I uploaded it at 3 in the morning. Uploaded many times, did not upload it. Later, it was urgent, regardless of it. 8 in the morning, I did not sleep, and then holding the attitude of trying to see, and unexpectedly went up. And it’s very fast. Finally, it is concluded that the best time to upload ZIDDU is between 7 a.m. and 11 noon. I guess it’s ZIDDU’s server in the United states.

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