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has gone through a lot of people and things in the past few years. Surprised: no loss of money entrepreneurs, not enough to talk about life. Making money is a kind of practice, and losing money is a profound practice. A smile to lose so much money, laughing his teeth to swallow the blood, and then start, for true hero.

I have a very close friend named Dai Wujun. I remember talking with him for the first time in the afternoon. He had many business figures, clear logic, special sincerity and grounding in his mind.

Abstract: people who really do not earn money rarely lose money. The most vulnerable ones are those who make money at the beginning. Don’t use your luck as your strength. Don’t take it as a matter of course. Don’t look at yourself.

at that time I was still cloud Kai capital, he is still in Blue Lake capital.

in fact, the failure of many start-up companies lies in the fact that the strategy is too "smart", which is actually the greed of strategy and the ambiguity of its present situation. For example, suppose that you drink shops, you should now shop, the first store opened, all the data video, Ping effect, loss are clear, and then combing the standardization process, and then consider the open stores, this is the first step of stability. But more is the starting point of high elite, more prone to error is strategic greed, hate and all Starbucks breath quickly beyond Starbucks, with this foundation can do APP, do, do, exclusive chain, do derivatives, do all kinds of all tall play. And you? Take this shop work first.

The reasons for

3 day, facing all kinds of problems need quick response, no way to drag, is to deal with, all previously considered no threshold for things that actually have the threshold, either to find someone, or to ask for the people, or their own way and may bear the risk of failure.

1 will really feel all the things that say, really, really, everything should be done seriously, and not become better by yourself.

today, I admire the people who keep on fighting, Yuecuoyueyong people. We all know that there is a class of things called blood and high cross in personal struggle, but there are always some people to die fighting over Longmen, large numbers of these people is not the time, but they are enough to leave a light in the darkness of the rift, guide us forward.

4, sleep is the world’s most time wasting thing, and entrepreneurship anxiety really makes it difficult to sleep, and many times the body and the brain have entered an inertial state of operation. Investors are worried about the prospect of an unknown project, but the difference is that the eggs of investors are in different baskets, and all the eggs of an entrepreneur are in one basket.

I thought the real power is never Ever-victorious general, then I realized, Ever-victorious general does not exist in a person before the end of life. You don’t see, how many people walk halfway up the mountain, afraid of failure, loss of reputation and stop to stop the good skill.

5, investors tend to look at the nodes in the company’s development path, such as last year’s sales and this year’s comparison, this month’s >

2, entrepreneurs and investors have value, to what did not understand the value of inconsistency from the entrepreneur’s way of thinking, there is no final, final from their own efforts and innovation ability. Otherwise, if you want to be good, there will be too many difficulties and challenges in the middle, and may stop at any moment.


then one day he suddenly called me to the point that he was not going to invest any more, and would probably go to a company he was investing in. I remember when I rented the room in Shanghai and danced excitedly for him at the end of the phone. I don’t know why, just feel the courage to make changes, take this step, is really a special cock thing.

catering industry veteran told me: "this line of business, if the first home to do too much fire, then the two families are likely to give you all the loss of light.". Because you’re blind and confident, and you’re expanding too fast

this article starts from the public number 42 chapters, by

‘s money making are endless, but the reasons for losing money are always strikingly similar.

when he first went to American food, every time I met him, I tried to force him to answer a question, "what do you think has changed since joining the start-up company?"

, for example, an internet project, users have no stable to Shiwan Wan people above, want to become a platform, but also a lot of new features and new incubation module, actually it is not a few people with rubbish. Without a stable, sustainable, self functioning ecosystem, do not think about this step. A sheer waste of money, manpower, and precious time. Don’t be infatuated with the illusion of strategy, do not despise the power of simplicity, do not underestimate the accumulation of potential energy.

now, I’ve started my own business for the first half of the year, and I also want to try to answer my own question. As a former investor in a career change, I believe that both the entrepreneur and the investor will want to, and need to see such a summary.

I’ve been thinking of starting a business since I just graduated from China, so this question has always been my concern.

so, here’s my answer to Wu Jun’s, ten thoughts and feelings:

then he went to American food, became a CEO assistant, got a certificate last year, and his wife had just come to the first two weeks of wonderful work. The winner in life, happy for him.

really do not earn money, people will rarely lose money, the most likely to lose money is often the beginning of making money, do not luck when the strength, not by accident when necessary, do not look at yourself.

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