The reason that Taobao does not make money offWangzhuan Wangzhuan station transformation is the way

1, does the site theme need to change

three promotion channels. First you have to spend a little time to understand your site potential consumers generally gathered in the forum community, gather the community forum always concerned about their interest in the topic, and then combined with the corresponding soft tissue of your site.

selection method slowly transition, the transition to the tutorial by the project web site to make money, SEO optimization type of topic, the project into the realm of Wangzhuan wangzhuan.

analysis of reasons for Taobao customers do not make money through the website

The choice of

blog will therefore transition route, ready to love writing, no matter how the quality of the article, but must insist to write, write the original training interest, only insist on writing, the only way to your blog. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

six user experience. To continuously improve the user experience, not only refers to the site program functionality upgrades, improvements and user-friendly, and sometimes more importantly, the details of the change, it is important for you to increase the rate of user precipitation.

From the old

now every day in the sh419 algorithm change, make some of the traditional project Wangzhuan station to decline slowly, in the search engine’s performance is getting worse, but as to make friends through the search engine is the orientation of the target is the goal, is to find the Wangzhuan project. These rankings were Wangzhuan station have been left behind, many owners began to seek a way out for the website, but it is worth fortunately, more and more people choose to do Wangzhuan blog.

?One benefit of the

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How do

two either the general website or Taobao off the nature of the site, you must first put their starting point set, the first objective is that you do website is to help users solve some of the problems, the second objective is profit.

since it is a web site, content construction is the foundation, and reflects the quality of the Taobao site, that is, to grasp the site of the shop and product selection, to do this step. First of all, through the analysis of some online shopping habits of consumers, to determine the selected products.

four did not figure out the difference between the soft and the post. Soft words in a word, that is to help others at the same time, but also virtually enhance their visibility and influence.

2 and old articles deal with

blog is that you can customize URL, as it is possible to keep the original URL address unchanged. And by modifying the program to achieve static web pages stored in different directories, but also can do.

five doesn’t focus on SEO. You know, just rely on the method of post promotion, is exhausted every day you also not much traffic, so you have to know how to use the search engine to bring traffic, although it relates to a traffic conversion problem, but no one is better than the total.

website template to blog template, every day according to the update frequency, you can all change over time requires a lot of manual copy change, ten a day will not have impact on the site.

3, new and old article update frequency

now I know the real money by Taobao customers, most of them have their own website or customize the corresponding strong platform, so today we only do

?Many webmaster

blog to flourish, the very great degree is friendly blog program for search engine born, and as the birthplace of the original article, give weight is according to the latest information as can be imagined, some say, sh419 has reduced the weight of independent blog, the reason is unclear but seems clear, rumors, blog the overall weight high or the fact that it seems Wangzhuan owners choice is correct, is also on the transformation. But webmasters are also thinking, once you choose a blog to do standing, must have a psychological preparation, that is, learn to write original article, even if not write, also have to write down. sh419 awesome original source of fear, if you do every day of the original, on the development of your website will have what effect of


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