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5173: between the lead and the pressure,


your company is a look at the company straight." After the interview, I talked to Invite’s CMO girl.

mmogg: two domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions

straight reflected is also reflected in the details of the operation set, for example, the user can only choose unsolicited invitations, "me" or "AA", "no" to each other. "This option, or active solicitation of sincerity where ah. Many people party, there is no "male A female free" this option, so that a little less respect for women, we are equal to play out." Wu Donglin said.

April snowstorm hit black G machine market and sued 2 major game trading suppliers move after OF MF, the price of gold fell many studios are facing collapse, 17yoo play the big time.

17yoo: after the prosecution of Peons4Hire company IGE fell, became the boss of foreign game trading


in the fast changing Internet industry, a year long enough to allow the sea into change.

straight character is also reflected in the Invite CEO LOGO introduced Wu Donglin on its own – this looked like two big eyes LOGO, one is like a diamond, the representative of the quality, two is like the heart, on behalf of the spirit of the exchange, the three is like the suit collar, representing a gentleman, a sense of social ceremony.

game websites formed a situation of tripartite confrontation trend, 5173 17yoo, three mmogg, and each one has its own merits, distinct strength. After a year of wind and rain, and then look back, too many things, so that the original pattern has quietly changed, the strong and weak tendency of the ectopic, let C2C into a more confusing after the Three Kingdoms era.


in China’s C2C market, 5173 of the domestic market share of more than 75%. If it is in the traditional industry, 5173 can completely sit back and relax. However, in the fast changing Internet field, such advantages are not insurmountable barriers. Competitors are likely to burst into amazing energy, challenging the authority of 5173 directly.

please look forward to follow-up!


any social network, in order to foothold, first of all to serve women, or there are only a group of male users, what social interaction. Of course, unless it’s social work, any lifestyle, social interaction, you have to think about women first. Take a stranger to socialize, the general social platform, the rate of return of unknown male accosted is generally single digits, let alone promised to meet.

"yes, we are all straight all the boys." She gave positive feedback.

interesting, Invite platform for women active users accounted for 56%. Wu Donglin believes that there are at least a couple of reasons why they hold live female users.

female active users accounted for 56%

recently, the news about XXX’s presence in the virtual trading field is blooming everywhere and what kind of competition will appear before you? What kind of competition will there be? Let’s wait and see,

, Invite is a social platform, through social consumption to drive through Invite users to invite friends to dinner, watch the show, to see the exhibition, party invitation game and so on, after the success of the final completion of social consumption — is the consumption of engine by Invite, the spirit of the next line of consumer demand driven.


Invite on the line at the end of February 2016, the price of 150 yuan for the emerging middle class, white-collar workers, respect, equality, a gentleman is in line with the class girl values. So, soon, the Invite platform brings together a large number of female users.

is a subtle expression of will. Women’s demands for emotional relations are obviously stronger than men’s, but they are restrained by their modesty and can not express themselves. Single about too straightforward, active about a boy eating strange and awkward, while Invite is provided with a single and multiplayer party about two ways, the girls take the initiative about it, about many people out clever to avoid the embarrassment, the purpose is not so strong, at present, the Invite platform single group accounted for 40%. Many people group accounted for 60%, while >

no doubt, 5173 in the domestic game leadership position, no one can shake. However, 5173 also had to bear the heavy pressure brought by this lead. Between the lead and the pressure, 5173 is struggling to move forward.

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