Positioning has the future positioning and segmentation of nternet platform operations

long ago, I tell people selling a summed up my own theory: website promotion and website operation, the pros and cons? My explanation is that the website promotion like battlefield pioneer officer, had to battle the enemy, in order to understand the change of aircraft and website operation; on the contrary, as well, to win a victory thousands of miles of division, want to let our military aircraft down to go, must make a sure card. In practical sense, website operation is more far-reaching than website promotion.

but recently I think it’s necessary to deepen this concept. Because from the simple literal meaning to understand, will bring people into a certain misunderstanding. Because this misunderstanding is based on a specific position to analyze, and finally come to the effect of the comparison between the sum up, this should belong to a single level of implementation of the relationship, the lack of professional logical thinking plan. If you blow to the actual subordinate industry environment, as a grassroots webmaster, or has a regular operation team, so simple website promotion and website operators should just fur project platform in the process of operation.

of course, the execution layer can not be abandoned. As a special industry with the rapid change of the reaction, the pure in the Internet means on the execution layer and ignore the location planning strategy of far-reaching significance, it is likely to cause the wrong things wrong, finally result in wrong. In view of the positioning and subdivision of platform operations, I have carried out the following summary:

Orientation and segmentation of

project direction

There is such a word

"positioning" in one book: entrepreneurship is based in my mind to accept the idea as reality, then reconstruct these ideas, and achieve the desired position, and then take a leadership position in a final product category. That is to say, as the front end of the project must be the direction of the first things, the direction of things not only refers to the belief and passion project, feasibility and project implementation of the project is more subdivision operation.

, however, such a positioning can easily lead to some misunderstandings in the operation of the project. Generally speaking, for the regular operation force team, the big positioning is not only the future direction of development, but also the theme of future operations. However, in the absence of an end result, no one can guarantee that the direction of development is the correct guidance. Therefore, in considering the cost of consumption, emphasizing high enforcement has become a mandatory measure in the operation of the project. However, such a mandatory measures once implemented, performance chasing buckle behind closed doors, non rational solutions often let too much into a Internet Co that is inextricably bogged down in the quagmire, knowing that is wrong, and not for.

so, the Internet business to win, absolutely can not go Internet operation thinking routine, we must blaze a trail of offbeat.

Positioning and segmentation of

team building


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