User experience is always the foundation of website construction

recently often heard friends in the industry in the discussion website ranking whether there are changes, like stocks, some stocks fell up some people know, short-term behavior is only speculation of a stock that has long held faith in the company.

website ranking is up or down, the reason is self-evident, some friends may have speculative psychology, for their own practice is actually no confidence.


search engine to have a new ranking calculation rule, this rule has been changed, just maybe some time ago is not obvious, or is observed in some sites, there is an interesting phenomenon, the webmaster to guess the search engine may change algorithm, and search engine, but also a comprehensive analysis of some web sites is not desirable, not the user experience, or is suspected of cheating, we are tracking and analysis of long-term at every stop.

in the first three months ago, I have seen some sites are cheating, but the number is still very good, so I understand, I believe that the search engine may have their own out of the ordinary point of view, but obviously the algorithm for dishonest behavior, should see, why exist in the closing years, in fact, some practice is obviously wrong) now, may be the search engine in this period were more comprehensive analysis and summary, after all, no matter what a search engine, attaches great importance to the search results to the user experience, this is the fundamental reason for the existence of a search engine the. If users try their best, the results of search and their wishes are far from each other, must be very disappointed in the mind.

fortunately, shortly before I finally saw the change of search engine in this area, some from the structure, code, user experience do not fully site down position, especially on the cheating website made certain processing, this, let us see the hope, everyone wants to search engine just, it is fair and meaningful.

Every change of the

search engine will make the webmaster have a great shock, they will doubt whether their practice is a problem. Check to see if you have made a mistake. In fact, we can guess: the search engine needs to provide users with the best search, the most fair, most practical results, then they will dedicate myself to study how to search the user completely just show these results, from this point of view, this is the search engine, but also the need of our users.

so, we have to do is to display a web site, and whether we can search to provide visitors really useful information and help the user experience is always the website construction.

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