Beans blog how to get accurate traffic

in the process of doing network marketing, often referred to as accurate traffic. In the end, accurate traffic network marketing is not important, we must understand. In the online selling physical products or virtual products, to identify the marketing object, not net in the river, so just perceptibly. Therefore, in order to improve the marketing conversion rate, we must pay attention to precision marketing. For a product, how do we create precision marketing, we not only pay attention to the sales channel, at the same time to get to the next big effort in the flow, the author combined with their own occupation and experience, summed up several feasible methods.

1, website search engine optimization, this method is also called SEO, is the most common method of network marketing access to accurate traffic. This method is that users search the search engine related keywords, so that their product pages appear in front of the search results. The product page appears at the forefront of the search results, effectively increasing product exposure and click through rates, thereby increasing conversion rates. Of course, the choice of keywords has some stress, not out of dream, must be very familiar with the product, the psychological research of users, users click on habits to accomplish something, so effectively can really grasp the user’s click. In the product marketing, select keywords, general choice of users have the desire to buy long tail keywords.

2, industry QQ group accurate traffic acquisition, also can be regarded as a quick and accurate way to obtain traffic. QQ group is now tens of thousands, the industry QQ group is also tens of thousands, here stored a large number of potential customers. QQ industry, regardless of emerging industries or traditional industries, generally as long as the existence of the industry, then QQ group is bound to exist, then there will be potential customers exist. For the refinement of target customers, more marketing value. Plus industry QQ group promotion, plus group is a certain skill exists, otherwise counterproductive, the loss outweighs the gain. Some QQ group promotion experience skills, the author will share in later bowen.

3, bidding promotion is not a way to obtain accurate traffic. Bidding is mainly in Google, Baidu and Ali mother on, but there are some other advertising promotion alliance, the author is not introduced. In doing bidding promotion, according to the product, choose the appropriate promotion platform. To follow their own promotion experience, choose what platform, can not blindly follow the trend. The average investment is relatively large, in other words, every IP gained by bidding is paid for. So, when we do bidding promotion, we should fully consider the key words to buy, and generally choose the keyword that users have the desire to buy. At the same time, do the bidding promotion needs some experience in skill and experience is not mature, do not rush to bid for promotion, because such promotion is a risk, it is a price to pay.

4, Q & a platform is also a way to get accurate traffic. Well known question and answer platform, Baidu know, Search ask, Tianya Q & A, etc.

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