The highest technology for exchanging links

I think if we have a PR6 website, the home page is estimated to be no link, and the links are placed inside the page. But we are not so webmaster is even more cattle, Baidu is not included in the new station, then as a new station, how to change to other high quality links? I just handed you a skill, as long as the use of skilled, after some PR value, don’t have to worry about no good rankings. Last time I sent a post, 1 months to make the keyword potato network (domain name new registration), Baidu second, GG third ranking. Later, because there is no server, N days are not open, ranking dropped. A lot of stone friends that I actually do station group, the links that are not my site, I and others are Links, I won’t have to buy links to do this word, then I did a

method only?

, if you call the exchange link every day in the friendship group, others check, included are not included. And you certainly won’t change for a long time, you will not bother to change link, my approach is not propaganda, but others shouted, and then query his collection of information and PR, when I set goals and the webmaster, and then start talking. Don’t worry. First, share some of your own experiences or let the other person feel useful, then talk for second days and talk about some feelings. Began to sigh, exclamation oneself do link, do pain, how sad, for ease, began to comfort me. This time I also started my sword, say we change a link! The other is your first reaction was of poor quality, but not in words and have some feelings. For the convenience of hesitation, and then I comfort her, tell him, PR just good-looking, PR is not equal to the rankings, PR5 station if change keywords, no ranking. Links mainly in order to promote the rankings, and my site although there is no PR, but I can exchange for several links, there is the potential of PR, but to GG update, so. The other team begins to compromise and then encourages each other. This brings a high quality link, and if you say this or not, then it’s hard to come by. To scold him, and now many of the webmaster will be scolded will sober, I was so scold him! I said, alas ~ ~ did not expect the webmaster now have a little false, put friendship in second place, put the link in the first place. Although my website you can not see, but my friend, you look down on it? Later, sad again, complain about it. The opposite will also compromise, which is why I up a month, ha ha ~

these tricks, I almost did not see the use of others, fruit, such as you have not used, try it ~ to find some included tens of thousands, more than PR4 blowing it, curse it, ranking soon came, ha ha, ~~~

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