Applicability analysis of website promotion method


website offers a wide variety of ways, traditional, novel, free, expensive, formal, and illegal. Every means has his characteristics. I used the website promotion means not much, but for most of the promotion means still have some understanding. The author is going to sum up what kinds of websites are suitable for different promotion methods.

, let’s divide the various websites into the following categories:

1. enterprise station; 2. e-commerce station; 3. tools (including web sites like); 4. (including sports entertainment, video station); 5. other then, let us look at some more by means of promotion 1.SEO; 2.QQ group promotion; 3. Forum promotion; 4. the promotion; 5. mail promotion; 6. pop; 7. advertising; 8. League promotion; 9. rogue plug-ins obviously; website promotion means far more than that, but the author’s practice and a large amount of data, that several practical methods. Also, it does not mean that these methods apply to all websites. Next, let’s look at these website promotion methods are suitable for that kind of website.

one, enterprise station. This kind of website basically is to publicize company culture, enterprise actual strength. This kind of website more suitable website promotion means, SEO, soft text promotion, League promotion.

two, e-commerce station. This kind of website profit means mainly depends on the on-line product sale, generally is clear about the target customer. More suitable for this kind of Web site promotion means, SEO, alliance promotion, QQ group (industry or interest), email marketing (target users, as we often receive the shopping network advertisement mail. (), in addition, advertise on some large vertical portals of the same industry, buy soft text or buy links to large web sites.

three, utility class. This type of station is suitable for most Internet users, but it is difficult to promote. I just think this kind of station except rogue plug-in, other means will not be good, where to go. However, I did not promote the URL of the station, so this part is only a summary of some of the experience of predecessors.

four, entertainment. Entertainment is usually the most attractive, so it’s easier to promote. More suitable for this kind of Web site promotion means, promotion of Forum (some large forum, like Baidu Post Bar, Tianya forum and NetEase, some large SNS, like the happy network, campus network, registered a lot of ID, and then their top their post, which make the flow, and money), QQ group promotion, pop, SEO, web site advertising links etc..

through classification, we can see, some promotion method is more practical, such as SEO, soft Wen, League promotion. So, fifth points, other types of sites suitable for promotion, that is, these three. In addition, some promotion means more targeted, like "rogue plug-in", used in the URL station to show >

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