God let your elegant website title

The title of

website, especially the website title of domestic website, has gradually been close to the style of Chinese college entrance examination composition. Looking ahead, in addition to using the bar between keywords and comma separated and you can also see what the underlined fresh, almost insipid, oh, to wax down my mouth down, so boring, I believe that the search engine to read for a long time will appear the aesthetic feeling of fatigue, so, if you want to give the user the feeling will find everything fresh and new, unusual way to go, let the site title elegant, let people read the products such as wine, lead a person to endless aftertastes.

1. breaks old ideas, readability and user experience are fundamental to

old idea is the title of stack three to four target keywords, and then separated by punctuation. Indeed, this is the safest way, no demerits, most Adsense choice, but please note that this is what is the "most" of the base, if you want to master in talent shows itself from one million and three hundred thousand, you need to change, it is the title of only one sentence, this words to his fluent and natural wisdom, contains at least one target keywords, of course, under the premise of ensuring smooth, you can put two of course better, but don’t let the user feel that the keyword is hard in you, that kind of words that come home shorn, as well honest old method. Here, for example, look at figure


on top of the rankings, we are doing this Changchun website keywords, ranking the first title out of the ordinary, it is not blindly Changchun repeat the word, but the account at the beginning of the sentence, then the clever use of adjectives are excessive, the last step by step explanation: website construction, website design and so on. So, through the Baidu word segmentation principle and regional matching principle, the subject will still be Changchun website construction, without affecting the user to read, and can serve as both an arrow and, not only has the keywords and promote ranking. Of course, if you rhyme a little.



2. rhyme together

actually, even wrote a complete sentence, the task is completed in half, or take the time to modify this sentence, can adjust or replace the adjective sentence for comparison. Another method is to you the title of a compilation of short poems, in order to achieve the purpose of the title of this rhyme, not only easy to pronounce, but also help create a website brand, for example, for example, we have to do the Mount Lu tourism key requirement is to be able to highlight the iconic Mount Lu landscape, most of the webmaster can can write such as "Mount Lu Mount Lu tourism _ Xianrendong _ Mount Lu Tour" the headline in a short period of time, but if we change a way of thinking, the direct use of Mao’s poems confessed: "born of a fairy cave unlimited scenery in the Xian Feng, Mount Lu tourism Xianrendong look forward to your visit."

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