Analysis of the fate of a web site is determined by what

webmaster friends probably know, site planning determines success or failure. A good site planning often can make you twice the result with half the effort, receive unexpected results, if planning mistakes, then the site must go into a dead end, and ultimately can not escape defeat. Who knows all about the big truth, so what about the actual operation? Here’s my personal point of view. I’d like to talk about a few points of view.

1. Location of the website

Before the

in a web site, we must take into account the website users face is what the crowd, the user group affects the website planning, website content, mode and means of making profit should be according to the different user groups are different. For personal website, want to put all the people on the Internet have become their own user which is not realistic, we are not a big company, we should put the limited manpower, site positioning carefully, do not want to eat a fat man, to do what, how much energy do big thing. Personally, I think the personal website can be from several aspects: first, according to the regional classification, do local station, you can do what in what areas of life, it is to understand the situation, easy to use; two is sorted by industry, industry station, personal website industry should focus on an industry, not suitable for cross industry, in the 360 row, choose a more familiar with their own industry to do something yourself don’t understand things, some people will say I can go online to download and collect what to fill in the content, I tell you, this is not feasible, after all you are layman, because you don’t understand, you collect things may be several years ago out of date, and you don’t know, still fortunate and enrich the content in many websites, knowledgeable people look You know, after who will come to your website; three is according to user group classification, topic station, the user group is very flexible, can be divided into novice computer level, master (or smaller); according to age can be divided into children, young and middle-aged, the elderly; etc…….

two, the content of the website

say you in a computer beginners learning websites such as the content is placed inside the beauty of what ah, certainly is not appropriate; or you are in a monopoly cotton web site put electric fan advertising, it is not a joke? Of course, this is just an example, ordinary people also do don’t put so much contrast, but some of the details of the things we need to seriously consider carefully.

three, website profit model

may have many webmaster at the beginning of the site did not think well how to make money, just want to put the website traffic up to the site, it has a certain influence to consider the money problem, this approach is not entirely desirable, but from my point of view, will assume earnings in the site the initial model, through the website of what to make money is to begin to have.

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