Go what exactly does it mean for the online travel market

said to ah, we must briefly introduce what is the sequence of events, said Taobao will involve the tourism industry before independence, or as a separate independent brand to manage, it can be said that in the commonplace, sesame big thing why can trail in the major platform. A


first I think the domestic market economy in recent years, the national income increase, people are willing to go out to play, also love to play out, but also to go out consumption, these significant changes will create a tourism industry hot. Second, that is, Taobao travel market share can not be underestimated, itself is the largest retail platform, and make some decisions that can affect some things. Third, go, on the road of marketing, is like the industry’s first challenge and attack. In short, in addition to these three main reasons, there must be some third factors, so as to create the present situation. Then, the main analysis goes on, as a brand, a product exists, then the online travel industry has what kind of impact and significance,


first, go, ah, will gradually thrive. Ali do is natural, behind this market has great appeal, not to say is Ali, now there are a lot of small businesses is also no brand is still active in the industry, there is a great need to get to the root of the problem is the service group. With Taobao’s business gradually grow, can understand it once a need to rely on, now has become the "adult", you need to go to make, this is very natural, it is the birth of a new brand. Its appearance is predictable. Since we are in charge of the family and the market, there is a good progress and a steady development, and the future is bound to grow stronger and stronger. Ali’s letting go, do not see what is wrong, these are "going to" the development and market to determine the comprehensive.

second, go, play in the debate, enhance their reputation. Since birth is That’s final. thing, look for an opportunity or a bunch of people announced under it, go in the conventional way is restless, it is sure to do so. Since the birth, or quiet, or rendering a spectacular scene, it is clear that, go ah, chose the latter, but also look forward to the largest offensive, with the industry as the first goal. The natural selection of the current hot "where to go" as the goal, with a network of public opinion warfare thus began, "where to go to" deal with or should not, are providing support for "yes" fame, no matter who the who, the championship battle seems to have been in the world has already been decided. However, there should be no fewer supporting factors in a play, and the other online travel industry has followed suit and stepped up the pace of development. Anyway, the emergence of a new brand has become so famous in the world that the goal has been reached.

third, go to the emergence of ah, the impact on the industry is not large. Yes, the impact of the future must be there, but not very big, the size of the impact

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