Red tiger do details determine success or failure

recently read a news, talk about Tencent CEO Ma Huateng in 2010 IT leaders summit in China said: "I hope to create a long life cycle of online games."". Ma Huateng said that the current Tencent take "occupy the commanding heights of wireless value-added business and online games, e-commerce and the" two legs ", but not for the latter return to steady pace urgently, to ensure the smooth implementation of the strategy. People could not help but expect a little more, the online games industry is more and more lively, with Ma Huateng did not know the gaming industry will produce what kind of market share of fighting and fight.

you know, in the online games industry as quality and long life cycle of online games, is the "World of Warcraft", "World of Warcraft" and why can keep the secret of enduring, to a great extent due to Blizzard’s ten years of grinding sword carefully crafted a game as the acme of perfection on the details, for example, have different music and atmosphere in different situations, each task has a touching story, winter fades the footprints, chasing the cat dog scene house, even the atmosphere and gorgeous terrain and sky, action figures and high fidelity and coordination, smart and distinctive ethnic expressions and dance. Without showing the blizzard team on this game sculpturesque and love.

Lao Tzu said: "the world is difficult, from the easy, the world will be from the fine."." Wang seeking also said: "details determine success or failure." In China, there are many people who want to do great things, but few people are willing to do little things. We do not lack hung Tao Wei strategist slightly, missing is the executor of excellence; never lack of management rules and regulations, is the lack of the provisions of the implementation of hundred-percent. We have to change a problem, flighty and impetuous, advocate attention to detail and make things fine……

every time I’m in the observation that the crown seller is how to do business will experience a little more, because Taobao shop is doing business on the Internet, so much depends on pictures, video and text of Kung Fu, after all shoppers may not real time access to goods, only through pictures, text or video to get some sense the feeling to make a judgment. Because Taobao customer, have done a lot of business promotion, so also see more variety of businesses, I have compared to those who do good business and do bad business, light from a small picture, there is a big difference, the same is to take goods map well done, they obviously can feel his efforts and pay sincerity, whether it is from the picture composition, lighting, angle, backgrounds is carefully designed, and the overall tone of the store layout and text collocation, has its own characteristics and meaning. Of course, some businesses will play some comfortable and melodious music to adjust the mood of visiting customers and create a good atmosphere for shopping. Is it difficult to do such a thing? Not at all. It’s more than just a little thought. But not every businessman can do enough of these details. I don’t think so. Sometimes it’s because we don’t ask for ourselves

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