Novice webmaster site 21 days Baidu included summary

himself is completely new, the first unit is the unit’s website do drive a duck onto a perch, imperceptibly interested in the website, at the beginning of last month decided to make a try. Choose domain name space theme will not say. is a April 20th upload, I basically is updated every day, in the Internet to see that the original start all and then pass on to find suitable content from the QQ space above the friend, I only choose friends just written. Hey。 The first day of the transfer about 3-4 piece of content, and then in their outdated forum signature into a web link, do find the sofa in the forum above second days, it included the GOOGLE, behind the time is updated every day, then a friend on QQ space did not feel what good use, you can only go to copy in other websites to find the title change, then in the first paragraph in front of a few words or to write some words can be removed at the beginning of the removed, is not put in a paragraph is upside down, so every day to update the 2-3, the middle off for several days, is because of the work on business. During this period, in Baidu Post Bar issued a chain, know answer questions sent about 3, and there is in the BBS thread. At the time still among the contents page and the links, nothing on the little for their own account collection, but also makes 3 Links, one of them also seems to me more than food, links do always have problems.

is not a long time YAHOO also included, and the anti chain YAHOO display like a lot, but the GOOGLE chain does not have to, Baidu is now included in the GOOGLE did not display anti chain, which brother to know the trouble to tell me.


1, personally feel that GOOGLE included fast reasons may be because I stood on the beginning of the GG ads, I do not know whether Baidu will

2, in the middle of a collection, so the number may have been collected rarely, the content of the collection is basically not included

3 today, Baidu included, I SITE, I probably collected are drawn from friends on the QQ space there are several things, when I change the title of the article and accidentally hit a typo

, this is my little summary, I hope you can say more about prawns, then the experience,


himself starting with men’s concentration camp address:

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