What points should students pay attention to when they do web work

1: university students have the psychological characteristics of frivolous, so start site, must pay attention to quit after all prisoners rashness website is a cyclical process, no patience, how can the website do


2: as a college student, receive higher education, so why don’t you learn what you have learned, what you feel and what you think will be used for website construction?

3: listen to other people’s opinions. After all, we all have strengths, and a lot of good material collection, do not think of yourself so great, in fact, others are greater than you, a college diploma can not represent anything, remember, learn more, ask,

4: the last thing to say is modesty and hard work. If your website has a little bit of IP, it’s like this, and this way, then you’ll never do a good job. You have to be modest and don’t be arrogant. There is also diligence, you always do not update something new,. How can you make a good site,


PS: I don’t have any professional experience in the website, but I’m used to

in easy language

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