Talk about one of my ideas about day ip8000

the idea is designed mainly for Baidu and Google. At present, most of the friends who do garbage stations are aimed at Baidu and Google. Because Baidu and Google’s SEO are very good. In principle everyone knows, because of Baidu SEO is the main chain, the chain has two points, one is the amount of a substance is qualitative, mainly refers is the weight of the chain, the popular anti chain refers to a link to your website on the website of others. If you have links to the station is a PR value high station, or a station, then the weight of the station is very high.

We want to

is the main matter of course, if you want to add the amount would be better, to increase the amount of it is recommended to use the MP3 software to pop some tools, forum presentation:

why do we need to increase the weight of the anti chain? Because in the weight of the high web site to do an anti chain, will be worth hundreds of thousands of ordinary small BBS on the post. Using weights, we can effectively reduce the amount of labor, and the effect is remarkable.

weight can solve the problem of ranking, but if a keyword ranking to the first, but no search, no traffic. What we want is flow. So we need to find some high traffic keywords.

The best keyword for

is the name of the porn site. For example: shooting hall, xiao777, and etc.. Because these are pornographic websites, the search of so many people, and these pornographic websites are often blocked, so these sites often change the URL, every change site, there are a large number of people to search these keywords in Baidu Google, for example, in the Google search "shooting hall", then see below related words. These words we can consider summed up in one sentence: "goods such as the latest web site launched hall open registration", this sentence contains these words: "shoot shoot hall hall, the latest products, product shooting Hall of the latest address, the latest product shooting hall open registration, goods the latest shoot hall open registration". We just use this sentence as the title of an article (the title part of a web page), and bold and additive. In this way, the search engine will think this sentence is very important, so it will be highly concerned about the word. As long as you do the chain, or the weight on the site of the chain get a few, then the word, you will find the first page of Baidu ran a few days to go, as long as to the first page, you can at least thousands of websites IP. When you hit a good word, you get 78000 IP every day. This is unthinkable for regular stations, and regular stations are very difficult to do.

so the station the content of how should we do? The best way is that you take the time to write an article about the yellow website, and not to advertise the pornographic websites, but said the country crack down like the Yellow sites like the article, to ensure its legitimacy, and not really >

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