Turtle and rabbit race alternative interpretation from the teacher is not convincing success

"website" 1 days do 1 thousand IP, 7 days do 10 thousand IP, earn thousands of months to tens of thousands, want to learn speed contact QQ*****". This is my deleted blog message.


"starting from scratch, getting rich quick" has become a lot of people’s desire

this is not fresh, we all understand, 80% is to cheat others tuition. 05 years began a friend of the whole flow station looked, said: "really have this technology, why do you teach others, more copies of their own sites, and earn more on the line?"".

these people jiangtaigong fishing bait, "marketing strategy really is not fresh, but why these people everywhere to promote it, because there are still too many people still want flourishes. Take the bait! Otherwise they stuffed fast enough, such hatred everywhere. Everyone shouting "


Kunming research graduate students a master told me that over the years he spent tens of thousands of dollars of "network promotion secrets", "marketing science", the result is the regret and go, but he is still looking for the "real quick success tips".

"ten thousand years too long, seize the day" – I know this is many webmaster, researchers hope Wangzhuan general mood of success. Indeed, now young webmaster "pear mountain big" – home for their own reading, all of them, and hope that their future will be better. But "pointing Jiangshan jiyangwenzi," they just feel in the face of the world, "Changan meters expensive, home is not easy" cruelty — at least not only live and work in peace "housing slave dream" within sight but beyond reach, and even survival every day to work hard. So many people kept looking for the "quick success secret", but "the direction is always right, the road is always wrong"

true really cruel, but look at the daily "quick hunt high and low for the secrets of success" of the webmaster friends, reminds me of a true story.


a writing teacher was born in rural Hunan, in late 60s, junior high school graduation, he managed to wear uniforms, in a small island by island, a few months before the takeover, but he does not feel bitter, is how he wanted to go out of rural for the time without any background for rural children the only way is to go out of the countryside, the army.

He Zuantoumifeng

so just enlisted everywhere looking for opportunities, the results really let him find — his regimental newspaper editorial department to the company training correspondent correspondent, training teacher, look this that he was looking for the road, he is very cherish this opportunity, hard work, continue to write — whether on the island or return to the mainland, every day more than training constantly writing, constantly learning, constantly to newspaper editors and reporters and news writing those well based correspondents ask; even just switch back to the mainland world, comrades busy to enjoy.

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