Under the financial crisis grassroots entrepreneurs have stronger vitality

Under the

financial crisis, grassroots entrepreneurs have a stronger vitality,

when the financial crisis sweeps around the world, many companies are thinking about strategies to cope with the financial crisis, and they all want to spend it safely.


after flowing down a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, is the essence, in the process of survival of the fittest, strongest vitality is probably the number of grassroots entrepreneurs.

I, for example, a friend of the company, is the number 100 people, technicians accounted for half of the average annual cost is 200 thousand, a year down, almost 20 million of the investment, this is not the market promotion expenses, their website for more than a year, but not registered members to 20 thousand, much lower than they had expected effect.

is another one of my friends, is a grassroots team, the company rented in a residential building, the company is 5, the average monthly office cost is 20 thousand, up to 250 thousand a year, almost no market promotion expenses. But their web site is growing so fast that there are hundreds of thousands of registered members now.

to the financial crisis, we can see that as the 2 companies difficult, the first company, although it is a big company, have strong capital, a hundred people in the operation of the team, but a year down the development of it, the effect is not big, and the investment is great, if the financial crisis continues a few years, I am afraid this project could easily be brought down. While another company, although small, but are capable staff, although not much investment, but the effect is indeed amazing.

from the point of view of input and return, the obvious investment of the first company is far greater than the return, while the second company returns much more than the return.

under the financial crisis, the most important is to cut costs, in the absence of good open source case, the throttle is one of the most effective way. If the first person is laid off to 50, will their effectiveness be reduced by half? And if the second companies lose half of their staff, will their effectiveness be reduced by half in proportion? I don’t think so.

why is it that grassroots entrepreneurs have stronger vitality? The author is a grassroots entrepreneur, money, no money, resources, no resources, experience, no experience, ability, ability, education, no qualifications. So, we have to do one thing, especially difficult, it is this difficult environment and reality, let me work harder.

I as a grassroots entrepreneurs, no money, not the team to team, but that doesn’t stop me from development, because the way more than difficult, I know how to use a penny Bakai as 2 cents. I will work until 2 or 3 in the morning, and I will take advantage of the business hours on weekends and Saturday. I will do better service, I will make my products better, and I will lower the price. So my market and reputation slowly built up.

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