My view on the successful steps to promote soft writing

soft Wen is nowadays more fiery promotion method. A good soft Wen, whether it is to promote the flow or increase the chain plays a role that can not be ignored. However, if let his soft, more of the spread, first need to attract the attention of the user before a title as a friend published a monthly income of 20 thousand SEO is how to make the same series, although the article is some bookkeeping to talk about, but because this moment can attract the attention of the user making the title, four click on the soft article of this series was broken million. Therefore, we can see that to let users click on the reading article, first of all, the title must allow users to click on the interest.

we as SEO optimization personnel, every day to A5 and webmaster home to see some optimization experience to increase their theoretical knowledge, but also in order to dig some more valuable optimization skills. But most of the articles on A5 are pretty much the same now, and a lot of titles look bland and it’s hard to get users to click and browse. Five points and the owners like do internal links to commit 5 errors SEO the two article today, these are the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar on, users simply click no interest, after all they do SEO, who hasn’t seen a similar article at all have more than five articles. If you write text, written in such a title, your advertorial content and value is useless, even if the original is not how high the click rate, after all, everyone knows, you are only with their own experience to explain it, SEOER will do little this article. But if a monthly income of 20 thousand SEO is how to make this novel, while the user is interested in the title, even if the quality of the soft is not high, the click rate is very high. So, the title is novel, is the most basic point of success soft wen.

secondly, the title word is easy to understand. Everyone wants to see the content of the article and understand the meaning of the article. Even if the user see foggy title, this article will let users click in a look at what interests? The answer is no.. A simple title allows users to quickly understand the general content of the article, but also in line with the user’s search habits. For example, it is a practical article about the optimization of the title, but put into optimizing the internal three factors can not be ignored, this article will have a user search? After all, most users search the station optimization, and not to search the site internal optimization, although it can reduce the network and similar articles but the similarity, does not meet the user search habits, is not in line with the user search words. One more thing, when users search, they usually use the simplest words to search. You put the title on some ancient words, such as "know" and so on. Who can read it?. So, the title can use the simplest words to use the simplest, can give the user a kind of simple, at the same time more conducive to the article away from the meaning of soft.

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