Clever soft writing Knight Webmaster Station advance rankings

recently, because in each web site published an article entitled "analysis of the knight station, secret Adsense new opportunities" article. On the same day, by search "Knight master station" into my station, there are more than 100. The number of visits to the knight’s station has dropped recently, which may be related to the festival. From this data, the proportion of users using Baidu and Google is seen.


Baidu search the day, "Knight master station" number of


Google day search "Knight Webmaster Station" number

above data: Baidu and Google gap is big, and some AdSense and Baidu confrontation, hate Baidu will use Google, ordinary users and Internet users, not to mention. So Baidu has far more users than Google. Today, the knight and the station long talk: how to carry out the clever soft writing, so that the knight station station into the search rankings?.

in fact, this search volume I used a certain skill, that is, soft writing skills, soft text writing in two ways:

first: plus web site, in order to guide search, increase the chain, improve ranking, Knight convinced that most webmaster use this way.

: each of the two articles with intense grammatical description, how good the website how to succeed, but the article is not the URL, so curious, only by the station name from the search engine to search, so improve the Baidu index. Knight Webmaster Station is to use this soft art skills to achieve the goal results.

in second ways, unless a long time, or to go into the Baidu index, but the rankings play a role! And sometimes effect better than the first! To guide users to search the site, to deepen our impression and understanding of the user on the website of the


I talked and talked with people in the group, and many of them agreed with the knight, and thought that the second was more powerful. But now there are few webmaster in use, and need some true skill and genuine knowledge can be achieved, otherwise write it miles Luo Su, are in no mood to look at, don’t expect people to spend time in your learning website.

why can you let so many stationmaster search today, the reason is second kinds. I want to do more than six months of the site, it will also accumulate a lot of loyal users.

knight that: learning is a kind of soft, soft science more progress! Waste level is poor, and a good article definitely people do not know that you are in station! Know that even if you’re pushing against, but for their own learning is also helpful. Why is Xiao Shenyang so much? I think you know better than I do. He has some skills in marketing. My name is Xiao Shenyang. My English name is small sheep. If he doesn’t mention it, nobody asks what his name is, who knows who he is and who will search for his information through the search engines and know him, so…

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