Beauty website optimization four skills

for the information website, pure flow is a site of vitality, for want to own product profit as a website, to distinguish these flows, which will be translated into the flow of gravity, this part is the key. For the beauty information website of the following example, we analyze how to optimize it from its content page to effectively transform this part of traffic.

content optimization

, a guide and to join.

as a high weight (PR6) information website, its originality is the purpose of its development. From the content page analysis, the introduction part of the original message and high, and in the first sentence that target keywords. Increase the correlation of the page, is conducive to page ranking, so as to get more traffic.


The following is the message:


two, internal links,

is a website to rely on a strong internal links layout, that can get tens of thousands of links to the site, this part as long as reasonable, can get good points in the search engine. The station from the chain layout point of view, related keywords anchor text 2, related articles page links 1-2 place. Set reasonably reasonable, and through the content page of random links, you can say that the link network is quite large, between pages drive each other, the effect is excellent.


three, discount information and famous doctor introduction

All of the inside pages of

show the content of this part, that is, discount information and famous doctor introduction. Links to the major plastic surgery hospital preferential information, increase the attractiveness of the content and the authoritative recognition of medical experts. The grass that Xi Keng part also can be more conducive to the transformation of specific implementation idea is: in the content page introduction to lower can open up a small picture area, and offers medical information directly placed there, so that the page business atmosphere is more important, incarnate the authority to more direct, more rapid transformation effective.

four, online consulting,

consulting process is often the beginning of transformation, how to design this entrance is related to the importance of transformation. The design of this website is to take care of the Oriental Rainbow user experience first, will consult the static placement in the upper right corner window. Of course, this pop-up than most of the hospital station does not regularly pop better too, but we have a better solution, which is the most important part in the content embedded in it, with the overall design to UI reasonable embedding, which can produce exquisite picture into a small icon or placed in the end position or the end of reading the message.

content page is always the longest time for users to stay, how to win in the content of the best conditions can be >

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