Dedecms5 1 utf 8 version modified in English

this article modifies the dedecms5.1 UTF-8 version and only modifies the article section.

first of all, if you want to modify, it is best to backup your original files so as not to make mistakes.

this modification has been tested many times and has been installed in most foreign spaces.

, if not modified, please download my dedecms5.1UTF-8 English version of the article module.

has modified the download address: China Adsense and advertising forum can not send outside, please search for "dedecms5.1-utf-8" English modified version".

the main part of this change:

English culture of

1. article turning

2. generates the article address and removes the article data ID

3. remove the DEDECMS prompt window into english.

4. change the turn prompt for English

5. search shows the English prompt

Meta settings for

6. page

1. turn over English culture




The modification under

mainly aims at the English culture of article list, page content, page turning and search page translation.

opens the above three files in notepad.

, let’s turn on include/inc_archives_view.php


finds references in turn:

/ / get a, a link to

/ / get a dynamic paging list

/ / get the three page static page list, the three appear below Chinese into English

opens include/inc_archives_view.php

finds references in turn:

/ / obtain the static page list

/ / get dynamic paging list of the two, the two appear below Chinese into English

opens include/inc_arcsearch_view.php

finds references in turn:

/ / get dynamic page list this one, this one appears below the Chinese into English < >

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