Honestly do stand steadfast man

just read "Meizhou police busted a feeling website" the news, deep feelings, or honestly do stand, a sense of life.

can be seen from the above news of countries to strengthen the management of the network, the Internet is Chinese in chaos, is a good thing, since the network supervision is loose, add more frustration and confusion to the lack of direction of development of the industry, especially in the crevice of the grassroots webmaster. China has too many rules for Internet games and no rules of the game.


web site is leased outside the server, has been leased outside the server to do some walking into the station, many grassroots Adsense choice, from the reports that countries have strengthened the supervision. The day before yesterday a friend told me, do I use the XX website, outside the server, or the old truth do legitimate sites, the friend said no, it is hard to make money for the server outside the XX site although there are risks, but the risk is proportional to income and. I just said a word, you do it, pack your scenery for ten years, regret a lifetime.

is so difficult to make money honestly do stand, "do not earn money," this article has inspired many new friends, as the article says, the station is done, the money is earned, or honestly do stand, do in life, don’t let the family to worry about yourself.

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