Analysis of the basic web site SEO optimization does not pass resulting in Baidu can not be includ

today SEO Institute to analyze a SEO optimization case, is a webmaster in SEO Institute consulting a website optimization problem. The URL is www. Jingguanzhuan. COM, the site has more than a month to build time, but so far, Baidu has not included the home page and any one page. What exactly caused the website not to be included in Baidu? SEO Institute is from the point of view of the search engine to analyze the reasons.

1, the site appears two home links, it is recommended to retain only a home page link.

at the site of primary and secondary navigation position in the "home page" link is http://s.www*jingguanzhuan*com/index.asp, and your other anchor text link address is http://s.www*jingguanzhuan*com/, the two home page content exactly the same, there is no difference for ordinary users, the same as SEO, but for SEO optimization, Baidu spider will think two identical URL, but different pages. "SEO Institute" suggests modifying the home page link address on navigation, leaving only one home link.

2, the site has excessive optimization signs, too much added home page hyperlink.

on the front page of the site, there are many websites targeted keywords and chain to the home page, mentioned in other articles in the SEO Zhang Qiya Institute, website SEO optimization to some pointless link removal website, homepage keywords chain to the home page does not have any significance for the optimization of SEO, but there are signs of excessive customer satisfaction optimization, optimization so, "SEO," all of them would be best to remove the link.

article content page also exists such SEO optimization over the question, every article is deliberately add anchor text. When Baidu keyword ranking to the site, not in accordance with the anchor text of your link, but by judging the content of your web site and what keywords related. Each page of the text added anchor text will be judged as excessive optimization Baidu, long ago, easy to Baidu K station.

3, the site of the chain structure is very poor, Baidu spider into a "dead end"".

web chain plays an important role in SEO optimization. Baidu spider crawling to your site home page, and then along the link will climb to your web page, after crawling, will be in the order of your article links climb to other pages.

, but "SEO College" sees the inside chain of this website very poor, almost No. In each article, there is no link to any other articles except the first page. Spiders crawl after the article, like a "dead end", no way to go, can only return to the home page. Trans >

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