As a webmaster how can you run a website

1. learn! Ask! Patience!


is doing a website, have a problem, be like home, often rice, same, encounter a problem how should do? The most direct is to ask the elder personage in the industry. You can also visit the webmaster forums, and perhaps you need answers.

2. willing to put in the cost!


for most webmaster, do station make money is the absolute principle. As the saying goes modaobuwukanchaigong, the website is making money the premise, it is a virtual host, or leased or managed server, choose a good IDC service provider, is the priority among priorities, so you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble later, I found many webmaster even a good point of the space are not willing to buy, such websites are not stable access, how big it can.

3. don’t ignore the optimization of the site rankings, pay attention to the title, description and keywords,


Title Description keyword is also an element of the site architecture and is the most important.

identifies the main keywords and considers keywords related to the site,

4. steadfast, long-term vision.

before making a website, must choose the topic, must not today this content, tomorrow that content. When the site of some traffic, do not worry about selling the station, unless determined that this station has no future.

5., if you have other views, you can contact me via QQ 100660534, let’s discuss it together.

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