How do novices choose the right space

novice friends do stand in to choose the space and domain name, domain name is another input in the browser address, the address can access your site, such as, is popular in terms of space to place your website data place.

so, how do novices choose space,


buying space is like buying clothes. You should choose the right space according to your website.

is according to the site’s content (program) to select the type of space size and space, if the site does not have the big download files, video, pictures, text and only a few pictures, so do the space station in the process of learning about 150M is enough. If you want to install CMS, such as DEDE, then you have to choose PHP+MySql space, if you want to install easy to move, then you have to buy ASP space. If the site is just a few hand-made static pages, then buy a pure, static HTML space.

two is based on the flow of the site to choose, space providers in order to ensure that the user’s Web site can access normally, the IIS connection, CPU resources, traffic will be limited.

three is to choose the room according to the address location user group position, the furthest distance in the world is not when I stand in front of you, you don’t know I love you, but the distance between Netcom and Telecom, especially local stations, with particular attention to the south, north, general telecommunications network links (according to the specific the case may be). Imagine, a local forum, the local people use the telecommunications ADSL Internet, and your space is located in the server on the CNC machine room, the results can be imagined.

novice friends in the choice of space, remember not to figure cheap, a penny a penny. In particular, do not find unknown small agents, before buying space, ask for records, technical support, resources (such as traffic) more than how to deal with, whether to allow self binding domain name and so on. At the beginning of learning to stand, buy a space capacity of about 150M, the database is about 50MB, IIS150, PHP and ASP support universal space, to study the installation forum, CMS program, website source program can be.

As for prices ranging from

, different agents price, friends can go to the domain host IDC hardware communication section to see more in the buy space before the question to the forum post, don’t be afraid of your questions you will ask you a simple joke, never understand.

novice friends don’t worry when buying space, must "order three", there are more questions to ask the customer service, customer service system, if it has no space on the site, so the space that do not need to read, nine out of ten is small agency, said it was closed to the day.

to sum up, first select the size and type of space according to the content of the website and the procedure of the website, then look carefully at the space quotient to the resource >

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