Don’t put the design of how to deal with bad blow into the electronic commerce website comments

in electronic commerce website, evaluation is the product and operation are headache, especially in the direct B2C company, this design, originally designed to guide the user to comment is difficult, and sometimes a bunch of attracting comments than praise; get the various departments of the brothers are uncomfortable. The boss’s face is relatively poor, and even affect the sales.

The general reason for

is that web sites often design reviews as a sales product rather than as a management product.

therefore, some websites have only good reviews and no bad reviews; even the reviews need to be audited; editors can modify the content of the reviews; what is more, they directly evaluate themselves.

so the boss was happy and everyone in the Department was happy. In private, he thought that the increase in sales was the biggest affirmation of himself.

in fact is that so? At least I don’t think so, a little knowledge of the customer, can be judged from their own cognitive assessment of whether is true; see puff businesses, users are willing to buy? Even if the user buys, but like the like product is the product how much he can win, love! Such users will take the initiative for


if only because of the description of the goods the lack of necessary information, the user made the wrong choice, it will hurt the user experience, but most of the time or the user’s own frustration; if it is not reliable by some comments, purchase records and flicker purchase, the user when the injured heart, may be combined with anger and resentment. If the site executes a hammer deal, it’s OK, but most websites don’t do that. Even a commodity can make a profit, and even 1/10’s promotion costs are less than that.

has the advantage of Internet communication, the Internet also disadvantages in the dissemination, product comparison, demonstration and so on, it is easy to find in the Internet, a web site users to change the cost is too low.

How does

view bad reviews:

Since the

review is so important, false opportunity cost is very high, so how to ensure that comments on the real basis of products favorable! In the LAN think it seems, as long as the product reviews as management of product design, the problem will be much smaller.

1, poor is not terrible, "before the article seen bad reviews can also increase sales", do not know if this is not true, but we see the comments from the users to view, users just want to know whether this product is suitable for their own, instead of this website is not appropriate for them, so to see a single product is not suitable for their own, is a fatal blow to the user search behavior is not, but is a website promoting trust, users are more believe that other products describe and comment is also valid for itself. Users browse the web not for the purchase of a particular commodity for decision making, but for choosing a commodity they want to buy

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