How easy and efficient production of pseudo original articles

in the webmaster circle, I think we all know that "this four word content is king" meaning, of course, have a good website to more content included quantity and obtain higher weights, but we are not occupation writers, not what every day to write the original article, so now we there is a false original article, today is like to share their creation of false original article some areas need to pay attention to these places, you can let the pseudo original work twice:

1. to mark the beginning and end of the article, there are two search engines that the more important place, so you can deal with pseudo original in these two places with you to optimize the key words and links, but note that the line must be smooth, but not the whole site optimization of the one or two a keyword, it is not good to do this, the first search engine will not love, may think you are suspected of excessive optimization, then your site is actually a lot of traffic can be caused by the long tail keywords, so you can do some of the key words in the two place.

2. should pay attention to false original update rate, pseudo original articles to the creation of a relatively fixed speed, can be a day, or two days a, keep a constant speed, don’t say I have time today, to the site on 20 false original article, no time today not upload, this will bring to the search engine a bad impression, how the site of such a big change,

is not cheating?

3. a pseudo original source of the problem, not to find the online pass very hot that the first, those articles we are doing too much, want to do search engine front too difficult, second, pseudo original processing is not good, so go for those less not included or included for example, not included some blog, blog generally included more slowly, we can make a difference in time, blog just released soon search those articles, these articles be dealt with. Is a good pseudo original article, in addition, there is some wrong search engine open forum, the forum article is a good pseudo original article.

4. pseudo original tools, as far as I know, now free and cracked pseudo original tools is not particularly good Chinese English, there was some, but not to say that these tools can not be used, for example, you search on Baidu to the most common pseudo original tools the name, I will not say, you can replace the keyword, can also add links to key words, these are very good, we should be good at using tools to reduce our workload, if the garbage station, can also convert traditional Chinese characters with his function, the effect is absolutely good.

hope that this article will help everyone, (happy net 001) original, reproduced please retain.

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