A5 witnessed my resignation and went home to start a business

originally intended to write an article to commemorate the next, but these days are busy, and now make up, it is what to think, what to say, more chaotic, we all look at it.

06 years after graduation, outside did a lot of work, but not for a long time, then going home to engage in site, with nearly a year, the site was found a few, but not how, is not earn money.

and later introduced, came to a company, sleepwalk took two classes. Wages have gone, but two years down, but found that he did not save much money, 29 in the twinkling of an eye, and ran 30 of the people, the great event of life has not been resolved. Girlfriend is one, 4 years of understanding, all aspects are good. But the family condition is bad, he did not make money, there is no money to get married.

in fact, two years, he has not given up on the pursuit of the network, has been looking for opportunities. Because I know, with my salary, how can I keep the family?.

, just six months ago, I finally made up my mind to make a station. So far I can develop it, but I have to work during the day, and my free time is limited.


I tried to quit my job several times, but I found that quitting is really not easy. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of pressure.

but my heart is very clear, this will affect the decision of my life! I grew up is a restless person, let me a lifetime of work, I can’t do that!

until last week, I finally made up my mind to leave. I want to go home and start a business. I want to start my own life. I want to work for myself.


thanks to all the friends who care and support me, you’ve been with me to this day, thank you,


person’s life can be short, and once I open my eyes, I close my eyes. I can’t live for a while. A5 stands for it! I must do something!


source: online home xzy619 at 09.04.27

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