Outsourcing SEO services you think about it

whenever a new customer first and the establishment of cooperative relations, the author will repeatedly remind customers "are you sure you want to do SEO?", "you ready to put the site to my hands ready?", "your keywords are determined?". Some webmaster friends think we ask customers like this, will scare off customers, then what optimization list is gone. In fact, this idea is not correct, we ask our customers on the one hand, we are for the sake of customers, worried that they put too much hope on the optimization of the site’s ranking; on the other hand we reduce the unnecessary trouble, if you encounter an indecisive customer, etc. we are optimized at the intermediate stage, suddenly proposed to continue to cooperate, even if we have a contract to do security, it is also referred to both displeasure, such cooperation can be a long time?

therefore, I would like to take this note to remind you of the main aspects that need to be considered when your clients outsource their SEO services.

1. Do you really know SEO? Do you think there is an order in the rankings?

simply speaking, optimization is a series of formal methods that give your target keywords a better ranking in search engines. Website keywords have good rankings, there will naturally be through search keywords into your site’s target customers, the emergence of target customers, that is to enhance the amount of your business cornerstone.

speaking of traffic conversion, the author wants to be fair to SEOer’s friends, and many customers think there will be a lot of orders after the optimization. In fact, these customers do not understand the key word to the home page, the flow level, the number of orders of these three relations. Keywords row to the first page must have high flow? Have high flow have high order? The three, who could not be certain relationship as SEOer, can guarantee that only the keyword or process flow! From traffic to order, high conversion rate really need more clients’ sales strategy and sales ability.

two, if you ask the optimization provider is provided only keywords optimization or ZhengZhan optimization

service?Why is

involved in this? In the author’s orders experience, there are a lot of customers for the optimization of the definition is not clear, always thought that the keywords ranking is ZhengZhan optimization.

so, what is the difference between keywords optimization and

ZhengZhan optimization?

keyword optimization, popular speaking, is to modify the keywords page and increase keywords, page external links as the main way to enhance the keywords of the page ranking. The whole optimization, through the optimization of the whole site to improve ZhengZhan weight, so as to achieve the website popular keywords, keywords, keywords, target products and long tail keywords ranking. A simple definition of both is the difference between the workload of the page and the workload of the whole station. Therefore, the workload is different, the effect is different, the price is also different

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