Quickly build holiday promotion topics first looking for inspiration from copywriting



to a day before evening, all kinds of electricity began to promote the design of class eager for a fight, the festival has become the necessary work when the project designer in the electricity supplier website, often time to rush, up to two or three days, so how to find the feeling of design does not go wrong topic in the limited time.

electricity supplier thematic features: strong theme atmosphere, copy, the overall color to attract users eye, correctly guide users to buy, merchandise put clear logic, preferential information obvious

first looked for inspiration from copywriting,

should be the first to know we often copy at the beginning of design project, to find some inspiration from the copy

.During the

Festival, there are three types of copywriting:

1. direct show privilege type: use preferential information as the main title directly, with preferential information, prizes and other direct attract users. Such as: the half off benefits, free shipping, annual price promotion, the National Day promotion, Qiuxi Juhui scored seventy percent off, holiday storm, buy XXX send XXX,

special offer every day

[this type of copy just to get some can not start, the copy editors’ intention is to highlight the preferential subject, combining with festival features + zoom discounts or prizes, placing hot promotional items, holiday to copy material]


2. Raiders ranking type: to meet user needs, make Raiders or leaderboards form. Such as: October holiday travel Raiders beauty items, eleven essential items TOP 10 secret, Christmas Eve beauty show, Valentine’s day up, eleven beauty, vacation travel, hi’s life, my vacation travel STYLE, summer bloom Zhendian treasure, a letter to her mother’s letter < / p>

[copy itself theme, directly copy out keywords, amplification of these keywords, with some holiday material, copy of subject material according to the material to build some scenes, create a feel personally on the scene]


3. immediately action urgent type: copy action words to convey to the user action information, and increase interaction with the user. Such as: 48 hours, day one yuan tickets, berserk grab grab bags, welcome berserk Festival, Valentine’s day, we dare to show

[this type of copywriting action word is the main, it is recommended to highlight these words, increase the countdown time material]



festival represents color and related material to help

according to the text confirmation of the topic, after the general direction, we should begin to decide the color and material. Here are some of the holiday colors

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