Want to do good local website does not have good vision is no good

first: make a place to make money. These are the

second: do not have these tricks, really Kung Fu do local sites, you do not expect to make money

             ; wrote two articles about money making websites in advance: step by step:

first: how to make a profitable place to stand

is the basic routine to tell you how to make money in a local website

second: not the old Kungfu do local site you don’t expect to make money is to want to tell you, even if you know the basic routine operation, have these really work, because the decision maker’s realm, ability decides whether the site operation where the decisive factors of success.

, this is the third, and I’ll try to sublimate it on the basis of the first two articles.

understand the operation routines, there are a few strokes really Kung Fu, nor does it show that you operate local sites can make money, this tells you, there is vision is very important.


said the operation place money website vision is very important? Look closely related to your level of knowledge, have a wide range of social knowledge and a professional level, will affect you treat website operation vision, to determine whether you can make money, bigger and stronger, can get rid of your peers or colleagues eat meat. Soup.

don’t you see the local operations personnel website to make money, you heart; operation of the real estate website to make money, you echocardiography; operation site to make money, you have a heart; a well-known business forum, you have a heart for others to make money; if the heart, this is understandable, that your desire is normal, belongs to the normal human.

as the saying goes, "women are afraid of marrying wrong men, men are afraid to choose the wrong line", in fact, that is the eye.

before the operation of local website (note that a premise, I do not consider the operation of large and local stations, so unless you hit 100 million do not feel bad, or die quickly), first consider how the development prospects of this industry website


development prospects include

1, can only engage in one or two years or N years (some people like to engage in movies, and some people like to play games, ha ha, the Bureau of cultural affairs, the Copyright Bureau received a bag, you know the wrong)?

2, is your potential client rich or poor (making money, making money from rich people, that’s my principle)? What about spending power?

3, can your potential customers regularly repeat consumption on your website?

4, do you want to run websites that are easily copied and not core competitive?

5, you want to run website whether aging? (for example, the popular blog, maybe two or three years out of fashion)

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