Webmaster share do the movie station bit by bit

with the game as "entertainment station pastime" movie station has been the owners love to get involved in the field, because in the eyes of many people, movie related word index is very high, the actual amount of attention is also great, as long as we put some words do go up, then you can wait for the number of money. Perhaps it is this illusion that makes more and more friends around the country begin to run movie stations, hoping to divide their own vegetable plots in the vast search crowd". But there is a word called ideal is full, the reality is skinny. Although the movie station of high heat, but want to do a good job is not easy, and not what you want to achieve what can be achieved, especially grassroots novice friends, the movie station is suitable for you, don’t think of yourself could answer.

mentioned the movie station, the most should say is profit, I think this should be the most concern. Compared to other information station or station such as the film standing in the drainage areas have an advantage, after all, the movie is a popular crowd, as long as the support from a group of fans, so hang advertising does not live together, it is also a considerable amount of traffic, can get a registered member like. It must be the most original idea for many friends who are going to be a movie station.

but when you actually operate, you’ll find that everything is different, and profitability is not so easy to achieve, first of all, drainage. Now, the movie station grab a lot, each site is very similar, the user chooses who does not choose who is completely in the first impression. The page is concise and clear to win. If you add advertising, it will affect the page effect. But advertising adds little, people flow is not enough, then a month, hundreds of pieces of advertising costs simply not enough. Secondly, a registered member of the idea, the Internet is now a stress free strategy, our small site is can exist in the film industry, because compared to the station, we are not free, updated quickly, copyright restrictions, if you want to get a registered member of profit, so loss of users of the site will shock you. So a small movie site is usually free, only the profit may be hanging advertising, but it needs a lot of traffic to the site every day, otherwise it will not earn a few cents.

followed by updates and maintenance of content. Although the film station, although the text is not dominant, but in the eyes of Baidu, a good or bad site is critical in the content. Even a small movie station, the page number is also a lot of reasons, every television drama a lot, so it will have a lot of very similar pages, after all the small movie website can not do everything, a long time will produce content repetition problems. Therefore, for individual owners, the maintenance of the content of the movie station is a big event. If you want to own it, then you have to pay a hundred times more than others efforts, the effect is not good, so I suggest that you will get traffic channels on the long tail keywords, such as looking for some people love chase drama or movie, like small time, like never ever meet again the long tail, optimize the word focus on these pages. "

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