Original article is actually very easy soft Wen is the same

everyone knows that the original article is the best for the content of the website, because it represents the voice of your profession and is unique.

but what kind of original article is the best?. How to write good original articles, we may mention it and write articles are a multitude of things do not know how to keyboard. Below, I will combine some of their own experience, simple to say some of the methods, we hope to be able to help everyone.

I often write original articles, which are instructive and sometimes critical. I usually do not write anything specific to teach people how to do, and there is no commitment to other people how to make money, how, what kind of article.

first I feel this commitment is of no use, just like reading an article is written for the new letter: each person’s qualifications, experience, ability, potential is not the same, so can not be treated equally, so I prefer to use a guide to explain the nature of something for everyone. Because people have hundreds of colors, understanding of each person is different. So what I understand is the best. If you are in accordance with the others to do, basically only according to someone else to specify the antecedents of you go, and it is difficult to break through.

is far away. Now the book is

1: write your major. I don’t have any major. I don’t know how to say it in my heart. I’m a new person. I don’t have any experience.)

I guess these are the things that people say about their own professional, confused things,


explains the first one: "I don’t have any major,

!"In fact, the

to do the best, since you are not professional then why are you here, why do you think the site, because you are not professional, so you have to learn how to do, you will not ask? Ah, but you have to ask the level, this has the skills, how to ask the level! If you don’t say me this question who will teach me? I think you get the answer will be less. You should write the title like the title party: for example, you have a question about the website space, do not know which to use well, and would like to ask your opinions. You can write this: "god damn space business lied to me this new"

Write some unwarranted things inside

, then the following said I am a novice ah, what are the limited money, we recommend some good. Thank you. I guess everyone will write to you. If you just write: who has good space, introduce me. It is estimated that the advertisers are recruited. We should make use of our sympathy, the mentality of the weak, we must learn to hype the topic.

explains second: "I don’t know how to say it in my heart,


this one, I think, may be that most people feel this way. Actually, it’s easy to handle. What do you mean? You don’t know what to say. How do you do it? You must remember. Just write one

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